Sunday Comics | Happy Halloween!

Check out spooky webcomics by Janie Lee, Grant Snider, Sarah Hopkins and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

It’s my last legal day of the year to share spooky things with the universe, so I thought I’d dedicate this edition of Sunday Comics to all things Halloween. Or, to be more specific, to Halloween-themed webcomics, whether they provide tricks, treats or just plain old creeps.

Let’s start with Camp Counselor Jason, a series of comics by Junkmix, aka Janie Lee, that features a different take on Jason Voorhees and other horror icons. In Jason’s case, the Cap Creek Lake murder machine from the Friday the 13th movies isn’t the maniac you find in the movies — instead, he “becomes a camp counselor to make sure no kids ever drown on his watch.”

He’s still got his machete and hockey mask, though.

The most recent comics have featured a guest appearance by Michael Myers from the Halloween films, but my favorite comics were the ones featuring Carrie from Stephen King’s classic movie, where Jason takes her to the prom. You can find the comics on Twitter and Tumblr, and if you enjoy them, you might also check out Rockababy, a science fiction comic by Junkmix on Webtoon.

This recent comic for the New York Times by Grant Snider perfectly captures the feeling of having read a scary story.

Sarah Hopkins is the creator of a webcomic called Principles of Magic that’s currently on hiatus, but while waiting for it to return you can check out “The Red Diet,” a standalone short comic she created for Halloween.

Ninecrow is the creepy story of Amanda, who relocates to a new town with her mom when her parents divorce. “As Amanda explores the town and begins to unravel a decades-old disappearance–or more than one–she starts to fear she’s in danger too. But as her mom’s behavior grows ever more detached and bizarre, will Amanda be able to escape the town’s strange pull?” It’s by Dora Mitchell, who started it at the beginning of the month as her Inktober project. You can find on Patreon and also check out her other webcomic The Curse of the Crooked Mile.

Finally, let’s end with this one from last year, by Dylan B. Caleho — it’s called “Don’t Linger in Dark Corners,” and it’s about a boy and a werewolf. It’s on Webtoon, but you can also get a physical copy here.

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