Mail Call | ‘TerrorWar’ debuts from Saladin Ahmed + Dave Acosta

Check out recent news and updates from Saladin Ahmed, Top Shelf, IDW, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins and more.

Mail Call is a roundup of cool things we’ve received in our mailboxes recently from comics creators, publishers and more. Hit the links for more information.

Saladin Ahmed posted the first pages of TerrorWar this week, the comic he first announced when he launched the paid version of his Substack newsletter. Drawn by Dave Acosta and Jay Leisten, the comic is about a city where people’s worst fears have come to life somehow, and the terrorfighters who face them with really big guns.

Also, the comic is absolutely free — Ahmed changed course last month and announced that all subscribers, not just paid ones, would receive his Substack comics — but he does ask that if you can pay, please do. Visit the Copper Bottle site to subscribe.

The Radiant Black universe gets bigger next year

Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Image Comics series Radiant Black is getting some company in February, as the publisher announced a crossover event and a sister title for the superhero series.

First comes the Supermassive one-shot by writers Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott and Mat Groom, and artist Francesco Manna on Feb. 2. Then, Image will launch Rogue Sun on Feb. 16, a new series by writer Parrott and artists Abel and Chris O’Halloran. Finally, Image announced that Inferno Girl Red, the successful Kickstarter project by Mat Groom and Erica D’Urso, is coming to Image as well and will be involved in the crossover.

Higgins talks more about it in his newsletter. You can also check out the Threadless merch shop Higgins launched to sell Radiant Black shirts and more.

Here’s the description of Rogue Sun:

Next, Rogue Sun kicks 2022 into high gear when rebellious teenager Dylan Siegel discovers that the late superhero Rogue Sun was his estranged father, Marcus—and that he’s inherited his father’s mantle. Tasked with protecting our world from the forces of the supernatural—and solving his father’s murder—Dylan will be forced to come to terms with the man he’s spent the majority of his life hating. This new ongoing series is a supernatural murder mystery that explores the complicated bond between father and son and cements itself squarely in a corner of the Image Comics superhero universe.

James Tynion IV offers holiday cheer fear

James Tynion IV loves the holidays, and to help spread the joy, he’s offering prints through Cadence Comic Art by four of his collaborators — starting with the above image from Álvaro Martínez Bueno, artist on the Black Label series The Nice House on the Lake. Tynion also notes that the series will return next spring for its final six issues.

A Dark Interlude returns with a new artist

Vault Comics’ long-delayed series A Dark Interlude will return in January with a new artist, Piotr Kowalski, replacing Andrea Mutti, who drew the first two issues. Vault said in a press release that the series was delayed for COVID/lockdown related reasons.

IDW brings that Saturday Morning Cartoon feel to G.I. Joe

IDW has announced a new G.I. Joe comic that draws its inspiration from the classic cartoon series: G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero—Saturday Morning Adventures. I don’t remember ever watching G.I. Joe on Saturdays; in my market, it was on every weekday after school. But “Monday Afternoon Adventures” doesn’t really have a great ring to it, does it?

The new miniseries is by writer Erik Burnham, artist Dan Schoening, and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado.

“I loved how straight-up weird cartoons can be,” Burnham said. “The G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero cartoon allowed for gremlins, Egyptian gods, and of course, a ninja dressed in an 80’s New Wave outfit, wig and all. You never knew where the show might take you. Writing a story set in that universe, you can do anything… and I’m partnered with artists like Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado, who can draw anything. The idea we came to felt right at home within the world of the cartoon, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The first issue arrives in February.

Red Panda & Moon Bear return at Top Shelf

Top Shelf will release a second volume of Red Panda & Moon Bear, a graphic novel featuring two Cuban American kids with super powers, in March. Red Panda & Moon Bear (Book Two): The Curse of the Evil Eye is by Jarod Roselló and will feature the two heroes solving the mystery behind an evil cruse that’s overtaken their city. Here’s a preview.

Journey to land of the Living Gods in Feb.

AfterShock Comics will travel to Land of the Living Gods in February. The fantasy series is by South African writer and producer Isaac Mogajane and Brazilian artist Santtos. The post-apocalyptic tale is about a teenager seeking out the gods to help restore the world.

“Land of the Living Gods is set in an African dystopian future and explores a world where the end has arrived and the remaining human population has embraced spirituality and superstition as a way of confronting their eventual extinction,” Mogajane said. “Chief amongst these beliefs is the legend of the Living Gods, celestial beings that are said to live in a hidden land here on earth. Many believe that the living gods have the means to revive the earth, rejuvenating its soils, atmosphere and wildlife but have so far chosen not to.”

Udon Entertainment returns to comics

It’s been roughly three years since Udon Entertainment announced any new comics projects, but they’re back this week with Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1. The one-shot features the popular character from the Darkstalkers video game and is written by Ken Siu-Chong, and illustrated by Panzer.

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