Lemire + Sorrentino announce ‘The Bone Orchard Mythos’ for 2022

The ‘Gideon Falls’ creators will reunite for a new horror project next year from Image Comics.

On Halloween Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino announced their creepy new Image Comics project, The Bone Orchard Mythos, which will kick off in 2022.

The two creators took to social media to announce the new title with a short teaser trailer:

The Bone Orchard Mythos is the latest project for the duo, who previously collaborated on Old Man Logan, Green Arrow, Gideon Falls and Primordial, which kicked off last month.

They didn’t reveal much more than that, although Sorrentino did note that this isn’t another six-issue miniseries like Primordial — it is a “much (much!) bigger and complex project.” Expect more details soon.

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