Sunday Comics | Legendary Lynx, lie detectors, horses and elbows

Check out recent webcomics by Alex Segura, Sandy Jarrell, Lisa Hanawalt, James Kochalka and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Readers of Alex Segura’s novel Secret Identity — a murder mystery set in the 1970s comics industry — have probably been wondering, “Hey, do you think maybe they’ll do a real The Legendary Lynx comic?” Well, wonder no more, because Segura has launched a Lynx comic via Zestworld.

The Lynx, of course, is the faux comic made up by Segura for the novel — which actually includes pages from it as part of the story. While the credits stick to the in-story names for the creators, the comic is actually being written by Segura, with Sandy Jarrell providing the art, Grey Allison on colors and Jack Morelli doing letters, all under the watchful eye of editor Allison M. O’Toole.

According to Segura’s newsletter, “readers will get to experience the long out-of-print issues that put Triumph Comics on the map! Once thought lost to the sands of time, Segura, Jarrell and co. have meticulously compiled all of THE LEGENDARY LYNX’s original 12 issues, featuring the work of writers Harvey Stern and the legendary (and complicated) artist Doug Detmer. Additionally, the remastered series will feature the sole issue written by Carmen Valdez and include the brief (and much-maligned) Jensen/Tinsler run. So dive in and experience one of the 1970s most acclaimed superhero comics – for the first time ever!”

If you haven’t read Secret Identity yet, those names probably won’t mean much to you, so I’d recommend checking it out as well.

The PBS program American Experience, which documents interesting events and people from American history, recently ran an episode on the lie detector test — something that William Moulton Marston, the co-creator of Wonder Woman, falsely claimed to have invented. This webcomic by Kirstin Butler and Derrick Dent details Marston’s many endeavors over the years, from his attempts at creating a an early polygraph prototype to the female hero he helped create with artist H.G. Peters.

If you’ve read just about anything by Lisa Hanawalt or watched BoJack Horseman, which features her character designs, then you know she likes horses. So it’s no surprise then to see this comic from the New Yorker site that went up at the end of last year, which details why Hanawalt is “Choosing Horses” over having kids.

James Kochalka calls this his worst idea ever, but I would label it as adorable — Jimmy’s Elbow, about a precocious kid who has his “very own elbow.” If you’re wondering how far Kochalka can run with it, he has 150 strips of Jimmy’s Elbow up on his Patreon.

And finally, let’s end with some recent award nominees. The comics website Broken Frontier announced the winners of their annual awards earlier this month, with ND Stevenson’s Substack comic I’m Fine I’m Fine Just Understand taking the prize in the webcomics category. Stevenson was up against an impressive array of webcomics, including Buuza!! by Shazleen Khan (pictured above); Drowse by Frank Verano, Nick Klinger, Jaime Huxtable and Taylor Esposito; Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe; and Ragwort Wood by Sarah Gordon — all of which are worth a click, so check them out.

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