‘Second Coming’ returns for a third series

Shouldn’t that be ‘Third Coming’? I mean, it’s right there …

Sunstar and Jesus. Mark Russell and Richard Pace. Cranius and God. They’re all back for a third helping of Second Coming, this one subtitled “Trinity.”

Russell, Pace, co-artist Leonard Kirk and colorist Andy Troy are joined this time by editor Sarah Litt for the continuing adventures of the Son of God and the world’s greatest superhero.

“If you haven’t read a Second Coming series and you think you know what it is, I guarantee you do not,” said AHOY Editor in Chief Tom Peyer. “The high concept of ‘What if Jesus lived with a superhero?’ is an arresting one, but it doesn’t begin to suggest what a wise, kind and funny piece of work its creators have given us.”

If you aren’t familiar with Second Coming, it’s the controversial series that migrated to Ahoy Comics after Vertigo Comics cancelled it when the right-wing media put pressure on them, deeming it inappropriate and blasphemous — before it was ever published. In reality it is the funny, touching and just plain awesome story of Jesus Christ returning to Earth to live with a roommate, the superhero Sunstar.

The new series follows “Only Begotten Sun,” and finds Jesus “tackling his biggest challenge in 2000 years: babysitting a child with super powers.” Sunstar, meanwhile, faces his greatest enemy (and the kid he used to bully) in court.

“So much of what I’d planned from the beginning for the story of Sunstar and his roommate Christ happens in the upcoming fourth series, so I’m really glad we’ve made it this far,” Russell said. “The biggest moments of this series are still ahead.”

Here’s a look at Howard Chaykin’s variant cover:

Look for the first issue on April 5.

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