Chip Zdarsky + Marco Checchetto’s Daredevil saga will end in August

“This is what God has done.”

Writer Chip Zdarsky has announced via Substack and his social media that he and artist Marco Checchetto’s epic run on Daredevil will come to an end in August.

“This is what God has done” the teaser reads, noting that “The saga ends” in August. The imagery mirrors the original teaser that was used to announce their run back in 2018.

The creators have taken Daredevil, Elektra and the rest of the cast to some interesting places, including Devil’s Reign and the current storyline where the formed an organization called The Fist to battle their long-running enemies the Hand and their current leader, Frank Castle. It’ll be fun to see where it all ends up. I do recall this quote from Charles Soule, who preceded Zdarsky on the title:

“A lot of writers in the past have left Daredevil in terrible situations at the end of their runs,” Soule said in a promotional video released by Marvel. “Brian Michael Bendis put him in prison for Ed Brubaker to handle; Mark Waid, who preceded me, had Daredevil in San Francisco, his secret identity was blown, he wasn’t a lawyer anymore. I had to handle all of that. So, I wanted to carry on in the tradition of leaving Daredevil in the worst spot imaginable, and letting the next writer somehow deal with this impossible problem that Matt would never get out of. And I wanted to make mine the biggest one that has ever been done.”

You gotta wonder if Zdarsky will carry on the tradition.

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