Chip Zdarsky + Marco Checchetto’s Daredevil saga will end in August

“This is what God has done.”

Writer Chip Zdarsky has announced via Substack and his social media that he and artist Marco Checchetto’s epic run on Daredevil will come to an end in August.

“This is what God has done” the teaser reads, noting that “The saga ends” in August. The imagery mirrors the original teaser that was used to announce their run back in 2018.

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DC announces creative teams for ‘Steelworks,’ ‘Hawkgirl’

The Dawn of DC continues to move forward.

In addition to revealing the creative teams for The Flash and Wonder Woman relaunches coming in September, DC also revealed the creative team for the previously announced Steelworks and a new Hawkgirl title.

On their previous Dawn of DC graphics, which DC has updated each time they’ve made one of these announcements, the publisher has hinted that something “Hawk” related was on the horizon. Now it stands fully revealed:

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DC announces new creative teams for ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Flash’

The two titles will celebrate their 800th issues before being relaunched as part of the Dawn of DC publishing initiative.

With both Wonder Woman and The Flash reaching their 800th issues in June, DC will release oversized, final issues of the current series. They’ll be followed in September by new series launched for both characters.

Let’s start with The Flash and that big 800th issue celebration. The current team of Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin and Oclair Albert will be joined by several writers with some pretty heavy ties to the character — Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Joshua Williamson. Artist Scott Kolins also returns to the character, along with artists Todd Nauck, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Mike Deodato Jr. — who will also draw the new Flash series kicking off this fall.

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It’s time for ghost-punching in Gunter + Andan’s ‘Grammaton Punch’

The digital title will debut on Comixology March 14.

Comixology Originals has announced Grammaton Punch, a new five-issue miniseries by writer Miles Gunter, artist Briane Andan, colorist Lee Loughridge, and letterer Taylor Esposito, which will debut on the platform on March 14.

Gunter, whose credits include BPRD, Terminator and Weird War Tales, said the new title is a twist on the “classic ghost story,” mixed with his love for video games. It’s about a teenager who can see and fight the ghosts that prey on his classmates.

“In Grammaton Punch, Van Nguyen was born during a solar eclipse and while that might sound cool, it’s not,” Gunter said. “That’s because eclipse babies are born with something extra and, for Van Nguyen, that means he can see ghosts.”

And he doesn’t just see them — he also punches them.

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