Alex de Campi + Erica Henderson show the dark side of fandom in ‘Parasocial’

The new graphic novel arrives in October.

Image Comics has announced a new graphic novel from the creative team of Dracula, Motherf**ker. Alex de Campi and Erica Henderson will team up again for Parasocial, a thriller about fandom, celebrity and the pandemic.

Parasocial is a twisted exploitation thriller that will leave you never feeling safe at a convention again. It’s a deep dive into all the things we’ve agreed not to talk about in modern fandom and celebrity… with an ending you’ll never see coming,” said De Campi. “Most importantly, it’s Erica’s most beautiful and strikingly innovative book yet. I’m just here to cover up some of her art with words.”

Here’s the description from Image:

In the middle of the pandemic, a fading genre-TV actor, fresh from his long-running series’ cancellation, collides with an obsessive fan at a Texas convention. When she lures him to her home, he’ll have to put on the greatest performance of his life simply to survive until morning. Unless, of course, he’s the real monster…

Parasocial is an unsettling glimpse at who we want to be, who other people see, and most horrible of all—who we really are,” Henderson said.

Look for Parasocial to arrive in stores starting Oct. 4.

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