Paul Cornell + Marika Cresta satire Comic-Con in the new miniseries ‘Con & On’

The five-issue miniseries will arrive from Ahoy Comics in (naturally) July.

Paul Cornell and Marika Cresta are teaming up for a new comic about Comic-Con — Con & On is “a tragicomic satire of five decades of the world’s biggest comics festival, and the industry that parties there,” according to Cornell, and it’s coming from Ahoy Comics in July.

“This is a heartfelt insider comedy history of the roller coaster that is the comics industry, with bite but also with love,” Cornell continued. “It’s about the romance of every big convention, the bittersweet journey through time and success, the highs and the lows and the silliness. It’s the story of every fan and every pro and everyone who’s just trying to make a buck in the midst of extremity. Through the narratives of our large cast of characters we see, in miniature, the story of the last few decades of modern comics: how some things have changed and how some things have stayed exactly the damn same.”

According to Screen Rant, the five-issue miniseries will be set at the fictional Vista Al Mar Comics Festival across three different decades:

Across five issues, each issue of Con & On will examine five different years across three decades in the history of this fictional festival that will essentially substitute for the real-life Comic-Con. Among these stories, readers will get acquainted with aspiring comic book creator friends Eddie and Deja, a trio of boozy British creators named Anthony, Don, and Finn, and a bevy of veteran editors, forgotten TV stars, and enthusiastic fans. While the characters are all very different, each one adds to the incomparable comic book convention experience.

Look for the first issue on July 12 — about a week before the San Diego Comic-Con kicks off.

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