Jaxxon returns in a new Star Wars annual from Dark Horse

The limited release comic will only be available at select conventions and directly from Dark Horse.

It’s becoming tradition for Cavan Scott to write a new story every year starring Jaxxon, the green rabbit who first debuted many moons ago in Star Wars #8 by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin. He was one of the first characters created outside of the movies themselves, and somehow has not shown up in a film or in his own Disney+ series yet. To which I ask, why???

Luckily, even after decades of inactivity, Jaxxon has returned in recent years thanks to Scott, who brought him back in the pages of Star Wars Adventures Annual in 2018, to be followed by additional stories and even an action figure since then. And this week brings more news about that wascally wabbit: he’ll appear in Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories Annual—Jaxxon 2023, which will only be available at conventions and directly from Dark Horse.

It’ll come in a variety of covers for different event; here’s the first one by Mike Mignola:

This cover will only be available at Star Wars Celebration Europe or via Dark Horse Direct, where you can buy it now. Mignola shared his artwork without the trade dress on Twitter:

For the story, Scott is teaming up with his frequent collaborator, Nick Brokenshire, who he’s been working on most recently on Dead Seas.

“The title of this story gives you everything you need to know about our adventure, expertly drawn by the great Nick Brokenshire: War of the Ewoks,” Scott told StarWars.com. “Jaxxon is heading to Endor with the god of the murder bears in tow, a certain protocol droid entrusted to Captain Jaxxon Tumperakki of the New Republic to help solve a crisis on the Sanctuary Moon. Expect intrigue, conflict, calamity, and Duloks!”

If you want a copy, you’ll want to head over to Dark Horse Direct pronto — they’re only selling 500 of them through the site.

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