Can’t Wait for Comics | ‘Doctor Strange’ is back on call

Check out new comics and graphic novels arriving this week by Jim Starlin, Rags Morales, Jed MacKay, Pasqual Ferry, Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis, Luciano Vecchio, Wes Molebash and more.

Welcome to Can’t Wait for Comics, your guide to what comics are arriving in comic book stores, bookstores and on digital.

I’ve pulled out some of the highlights below, but for the complete list of everything you might find at your local comic shop and on digital this week, you’ll want to check out one or more of the following:

As a reminder, things can change and what you find on the above lists may differ from what’s actually arriving in your local shop. So always check with your comics retailer for the final word on availability.

Doctor Strange #1 (Marvel, $4.99): Jed MacKay, who wrote The Death of Doctor Strange and the Strange series that followed, featuring Clea, and veteran artist Pasqual Ferry reboot Doctor Strange. Stephen Strange is back on call as MacKay continues to explore the magical side of the Marvel Universe.

DC’s Legion of Bloom (DC, $9.99): Grab your Benadryl and get ready for Spring, as DC presents a new anthology celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of allergy season. It features stories by Ashley Allen, Julio Anta, Calvin Kasulke, Travis Moore, Kenny Porter, Cavan Scott, Zac Thompson, Isaac Goodhart, Brian Level, Travis Moore, Jacoby Salcedo, Hayden Sherman, Atagun Ilhan and more.

Order and Outrage #1 (Dark Horse, $4.99): Legendary comics writer Jim Starlin teams with artist Rags Morales for this new miniseries about gene manipulation and rebellion on an alien world.

Dead Romans #1 (Image, $3.99): Writer Fred Kennedy and artist Nick Marinkovich tell this historical fiction adventure that Kennedy describes as a brutal love story. It’s about Arminius, a Germanic prince raised in Rome who has “sworn vengeance against the Empire that butchers his people.”

Milestone 30th Anniversary Special (DC/Milestone, $9.99): DC celebrates three decades of Milestone Comics with this anthology that features stories by Chuck Brown, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Stephanie Williams, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Yasmin Flores Montanez, Denys Cowan and more, featuring Icon, Hardware, Rocket, the Blood Syndicate, Static and even Batman Beyond.

The Neighbors #1 (BOOM! Studios, $4.99): Jude Ellison S. Doyle, Letizia Cadonici and Alessandro Santoro present this new “changeling horror” miniseries steeped in Irish and English folklore and mythology.

Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe of Horrors (Archie Comics, $3.99): Archie Horror sets Pop in their sights with this anthology of stories by Amy Chase, Jordan Morris, Ryan Cady, Frederico Sabbatini, Chris Panda, Liana Kangas and more, where you’ll learn what happens when someone tries to dine and dash at Riverdale’s popular malt shop.

Women of Marvel (Marvel, $5.99): In an anthology-filled week, this one features Marvel’s women creators and characters, just in time for Women’s History Month. It includes stories by Melissa Flores, Jodie Nishijima, Rebecca Roanhorse, Stacey Lee and more.

Batman: One Bad Day–Ra’s al Ghul (DC, $7.99): Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis and Danny Miki wrap up the One Bad Day series of one-shots with a focus on Ra’s al Ghul, who decides to finally take out Batman and recreate the world in his own image.

Sereno #1 (CEX, $5.99): Luciano Vecchio writes and draws this new series about the Mystic Master of Light and guardian of New Teia, a city where magic and science intertwine by night.

Pop Scars #1 (Sumerian, $3.99): Pat O’Malley and Santi Guillen team for this “gritty Hollywood revenge story” about a masked vigilante looking to kill her own father.

Ben Mortara and the Thieves of the Golden Table #1 (Source Point Press, $4.99): This new pulp-fueled adventure by Arnon Z Shorr and Kat Baumann is about a global-trotting archaeologist trying to solve the mystery of the Map of Solomon.

Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda (Dark Horse, $29.99): Originally syndicated on Jeff Lemire’s Substack, this graphic novel collects stories set in the Black Hammer universe by Tate Brombal, Marguerite Sauvage, Andrea Sorrentino, Yuko Shimizu, Dani, Nick Robles, Shawn Kuruneru, Ariela Kristantina and more.

Comics for Choice (Silver Sprocket, $29.99): Silver Sprocket offers a new printing of this Ignatz-winning anthology that was originally crowdfunded and features more than 60 creators telling stories about abortion and reproductive rights.

Joe Death and the Graven Image (Dark Horse, $24.99): The debut graphic novel from Benjamin Schipper is described as “a lone gun story silhouetted against the surreal desert valley where ghost and ghoul, witch and prophet, mystery and dream, ebb in and out.”

War Birds (Dark Horse, $19.99): Steve Parkhouse and Geoffrey D. Wessel tell the story of a robot soldier and an AI-controlled drone on opposite sides of a war who form a unique connection and decide to run away together.

Travis Daventhorpe for the Win (First Second, $13.99): Wes Molebash writes and draws this new graphic novel about a boy genius who has trouble making friends but discovers a magical sword and a prophecy that says he’s destined to save the multiverse.

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