Marvel’s Pride special will introduce an X-Men team, a new Nightshade and more

‘Marvel’s Voices: Pride’ will arrive in June, along with several Pride-themed variant covers.

Marvel has announced details for this year’s Pride special, which will once again come under the Marvel’s Voices banner in June. And like previous specials, which introduced new characters like Escapade and Somnus, this one also will include several character and creator debuts.

Probably the biggest news is that the special will introduce a new X-Men title that will debut later this year from Steve Foxe and Rosi Kampe. Their story will feature Gimmick, one of the Children of the Atom, who you might remember as being teased as the X-Men’s sidekicks before debuting (they all looked liked versions of the original X-Men) and starred in their own miniseries in 2020. The only true mutant on the team was Gimmick, who was later invited to the Hellfire Gala by Storm. I don’t think we’ve seen much of this team since they were introduced.

cover by Amy Reeder

You can also look forward to the debut of a new Nightshade, aka the former criminal identity of Tilda Johnson, by writer Stephanie Williams and an unrevealed artist. Tilda Johnson, the former Nightshade who became Nighthawk at one point, has been seen recently in Captain America: Symbol of Truth, so the name is likely up for grabs — and someone is grabbing it.

You can also expect:

  • Writer Sarah Gailey will make their Marvel debut by writing a Black Cat story.
  • Television writer Shadi Petosky, who worked on Netflix’s The Sandman, will write a story featuring Wiccan, Hulkling and an all-new hero.
  • Author H.E. Edgmon (The Witch King) will introduce a brand-new symbiote.

Amy Reeder provides the main cover, shown above, while legendary artist P. Craig Russell has drawn a variant:

Marvel’s Voices: Pride is scheduled to arrive in stores on June 14. Pride Month will also bring a series of variant covers for both Star Wars and Marvel titles. Here’s a look at the Marvel titles:

And here’s a look at the Star Wars covers:

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