Everybody out of the water: DC + G’nort revive the illustrated swimsuit comic

The world needed more G’nort. But maybe not this much.

I was a little surprised and very ashamed when I started this post and noticed we didn’t have a G’nort tag yet. “How is such a thing possible?” I asked myself, but then again, maybe the universe’s favorite Green Lantern just hasn’t had a high-profile role in recent years.

But that will change in August when DC releases the G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which both raises G’nort’s profile and brings back a fun and somewhat cheesy idea that Marvel published back in the 1990s. The Marvel Swimsuit Special would showcase Marvel characters in various tropical locales — like Wakanda, Madripoor and the Blue Area of the Moon (transformed by the Inhumans into a tropical paradise) — in their swimwear. They were light on story and heavy on the cheesecake. But they were a lot of fun.

And now, we have G’nort bringing them back, for the Distinguished Competition.

cover by Vasco Georgiev

DC’s special will include artwork by Amanda Conner, Paul Pelletier, Nicola Scott, Mikel Janín, Jeff Dékal, Daniel Sampere, Gleb Melnikov, Derrick Chew, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Emanuela Lupacchino, Joëlle Jones, Megan Huang, Terry Dodson, Babs Tarr, Pete Woods, Joe Quinones, Hélène Lenoble, Otto Schmidt, Michael Allred, Sweeney Boo, David Talaski, Jenny Frison and more. Some of them have been featured before on various DC covers, while others are new.

Here’s a look at some of them:

There’s more than just pin-ups, however. It’ll also feature a new 8-page Penguin story that will feature the Batman villain “clad in the tightest bathing trunks you can imagine” by co-writers Julie Benson and Shawna Benson and artist Meghan Hetrick. And it’ll reprint Steve Orlando and Paul Pelletier’s Midnighter and Apollo story, “Out There,” from DC Cybernetic Summer.

J. Scott Campbell, naturally, provides a variant cover:

And each issue will feature one of three centerfolds, which have yet to be revealed. Collect’em all!

G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition arrives in stores Aug. 29.

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