‘Outsiders’ get a ‘Planetary’-style makeover in a new series

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly will helm the new series, which starts in November.

At a panel in San Diego today focused on all things Gotham, writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly revealed they’re working on a new Outsiders title, which will feature Batwoman and Luke Fox (aka Batwing).

But hey, if you get some Planetary vibes from the main cover — the old Wildstorm title by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday — you aren’t alone. Not only does the series feature a new version of The Drummer, but Luke Fox seems to be sporting an Elijah Snow-esque ensemble:

You’ve also got the trio standing on a planet, so … yeah. I believe that’s Roger Cruz’s signature on the piece, but DC didn’t identify him in their post. Update: Yep, it’s Roger Cruz.

The new series is scheduled to debut in November.

Update: Lanzing offered more details on the project on Twitter. Robert Carey is the artist, and here’s the description:

The Hivemind’s digging into the darkest forgotten corners of the DC Universe for twelve issues of truly weird pop-culture adventure archeology.

And some additional preview art:

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