‘Outsiders’ get a ‘Planetary’-style makeover in a new series

Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly will helm the new series, which starts in November.

At a panel in San Diego today focused on all things Gotham, writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly revealed they’re working on a new Outsiders title, which will feature Batwoman and Luke Fox (aka Batwing).

But hey, if you get some Planetary vibes from the main cover — the old Wildstorm title by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday — you aren’t alone. Not only does the series feature a new version of The Drummer, but Luke Fox seems to be sporting an Elijah Snow-esque ensemble:

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Atomic cowboys ride again in ‘The Man From Maybe’ by Shaky Kane + Jordan Thomas

“… you’ll YEE-HAW! for sure when you pick this one up …”

Jordan Thomas and Shaky Kane are already shaking up the detective genre with their L.A. Confidential meets Futurama series Weird Work, and next they’re taking aim at a post-apocalyptic western in The Man From Maybe, which was announced today at the San Diego Comic Con by Oni Press.

“Saddle-up the Atomic Hoss, turn Grandma’s TV up to full retina burn, and head out across the wasteland,” said Kane. “There’s no maybe about it, you’ll YEE-HAW! for sure when you pick this one up. Some of the treats Jordan served up surprised even me, and I drew the dang thing!”

Each of the three issues of the miniseries will run 48 pages and will feature a “high potency dose of eye-searing, shoot-’em-up action on the high plains of our ruined planet.”

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King Arthur meets noir in ‘The Cold Ever After’

Jeremy Whitley and Megan Huang’s new graphic novel, which has been years in the making, will arrive from Titan Comics next year.

Jeremy Whitley and Megan Huang will combine Arthurian fantasy with a dose of detective noir in The Cold Ever After, a new graphic novel announced by Titan Comics this week at the San Diego Comic Con.

“Longer ago than I’d like to admit, I had this idea. I was stumped for a new idea for a story I wanted to tell, but I had all these genres I loved. So I thought, what if I combine a couple of very disparate genres and see what I can make out of that? One was ‘Arthurian Noir,'” Whitley, the co-creator of Princeless, said on Twitter. “Arthurian Noir really stuck with me, and I thought: the noir detective and the disgraced knight are really compatible ideas that I really like together, but also I’m really tired of Lancelot stories. I wanted a beautiful queen and a stalwart knight I had never seen so that’s how we ended up with Noelani. She was taken from her home by the church based on a holy test and trained to be the king’s Holy Champion for years. Shown no love or care, just training, until she was sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve the would-be queen.”

Huang said the idea predates her first published comics work. “This OGN was a pitch even before my first big comics work. So it’s amazing to finally talk about it,” the artist of Jia and the Nian Monster said on Twitter.

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Ahmed + Ferreyra return to ‘Spine-Tingling Spider-Man’ in October

The Marvel Unlimited series gets a print sequel just in time for Halloween.

Following a collection of the Marvel Unlimited series in September, Marvel will release a new four-issue Spine-Tingling Spider-Man miniseries starting in October.

The digital series by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Juan Ferreyra put Peter Parker through the ringer, and it looks like it only gets worse for the wall-crawler as he ends up powerless in a haunted house.

“We’re putting Peter through a grueling horror movie grinder, and that resilient spirit of his will be tested like never before,” Ahmed said. “I tapped into some darkness writing this, but the real star here is Juan’s mind-blowing, visionary work—which is genuinely some of the best Spider-art I’ve ever seen.”

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Rafael Grampá is editing an anthology for Fantagraphics

‘Braba’ will collect 13 stories from 16 Brazilian comic creators.

Rafael Grampá, the artist of Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child and the creator of the upcoming DC Black Label series Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham, will co-edit an anthology of Brazilian creators for Fantagraphics and Brazilian publisher MINO.

Grampá will work with Brazilian comics editor Janaina de Luna on Braba, which will feature “13 short stories created by 16 pioneering Brazilian cartoonists captures the vibrant and daring nature of the Brazilian comics scene.”

“I discovered many artists I love through anthologies,” Grampá said. “I have always dreamed of working with Fantagraphics, and I’m happy to be able to share this opportunity with some of the most talented Brazilian comic artists today. I hope BRABA will impact more readers around the world with the vibrant and powerful comic scene happening in Brazil.”

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‘Giant Robot Hellboy’ is exactly what it sounds like

And that word would be ‘awesome,’ as Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo pit Hellboy against giant monsters.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and artist Duncan Fegredo will team with colorist Dave Stewart and letterer Clem Robins for what could end up being the most brilliant Hellboy story of all time — Giant Robot Hellboy.

The project was inspired by Mignola’s pencil drawings from Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketchbook — as well as his fellow artists Geof Darrow and Art Adams.

Giant Robot Hellboy is my very obvious nod to all those Japanese giant monster movies—which I actually have no particular love for. What I DO love is listening to Geof Darrow and Art Adams TALK about those movies—so really, I guess this series was inspired by those guys,” Mignola said. “I had the idea for this one a long time ago but figured it was too silly to actually do—then the pandemic came along and I started to do all those sketches I would post online. I had never given a serious thought to what a giant robot Hellboy would look like but I knocked out a few sketches and I liked them—and so the thing started to seem like something that could actually be done.”

While Mignola did the initial sketches, he felt like the idea would work better with a different artist.

“But I knew I wasn’t the artist for it and I knew both Arthur and Geof were busy with other things, so the only other artist I thought of was Duncan,” he said. “I had no idea how Duncan would respond. Too silly? I didn’t know,  but I figured I’d pitch it to him and if he said no that would be an end to it. The rest is history.”

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DSTLRY’s first series will be ‘Gone’ by Jock

The new series begins in October.

DSTLRY, the fledgling comics company with a different ownership model and digital comics strategy, have announced their first planned series following the release of The Devil’s Cut Gone by Batman: One Dark Knight‘s Jock.

Gone is described as “an action-packed sci-fi adventure featuring oversized, 48-page perfect bound issues,” which Jock will write, draw and color.

Gone is a labor of love with which I have the rare opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of the story as both writer and artist,” Jock said. “I’m grateful to DSTLRY for their unwavering support and for providing a platform where creators can push the boundaries of their craft. I can’t wait to share this journey and the world of Gone with everyone this fall.”

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The Justice League will throw down with Godzilla and King Kong in a new miniseries

Brian Buccellato, Christian Duce and Luis Guerrero will bring together two worlds filled with big characters.

DC kicked off the first full day of the San Diego Comic Con with a king-sized announcement — a crossover featuring the Justice League, Godzilla and King Kong.

DC will work with Legendary Comics and Toho International on Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong, the seven-issue miniseries, which will be written by Brian Buccellato, with art by Christian Duce and colorist Luis Guerrero.

“As a comics fan—there’s nothing more fun and exciting than exploring those amazing ‘What If’ situations that come up when fandoms cross streams,” said Jim Lee, DC president, publisher and CCO. “In this case, it’s a match-up of the world’s greatest super heroes in the Justice League who take on not only the King of the Monsters—Godzilla—but the mighty Kong himself! It’s a crossover no-holds-barred battle, decades in the making, and no bona fide comics fan will want to miss it!”

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She-Hulk is ‘Sensational’ again beginning in October

Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will reboot the adventures of Jennifer Walters with a new first issue.

Marvel will relaunch She-Hulk in October as Sensational She-Hulk. Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will continue to tell Jennifer Walters’ adventures in the new series.

Rowell said the title is, of course, an ode to the original Sensational She-Hulk title from the 1980s/1990s.

“That word makes me think of the original Sensational She-Hulk from artist/writer John Byrne,” Rowell told Marvel.com. “It’s a vibe, really: gorgeous art, gorgeous Jen, jokes, a feeling that anything can happen, and a focus on a Jen as a person, a woman. We were definitely inspired by that run in our previous issues, and we’re leaning in even more with the new book. I want it to feel really smooth and buoyant, an ongoing celebration of Jen as a character.”

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Fu Chang and the Boy Buddies return to action in ‘Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #342

Check out two new stories coming to next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

Courtesy of Archie Comics, we’re pleased to present a preview of two new stories from Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #342, which comes out July 26.

The first one features the return of Fu Chang, International Detective, as he helps out Archie and the gang on the set of a movie shoot at Lodge Mansion. When a few of the extras on the set acting as criminals turn out to be the real thing, Fu Chang steps into action. This one is by writer Francis Bonnet, with art and letters by Rex Lindsey and colors by Glenn Whitmore.

In the second one, the Boy Buddies are back to help out Little Archie and his pals against Mad Dr. Doom, who uses an app on people’s phones to hypnotize them. Dan Parent wrote and drew this completely fictional tale, with inks by Bob Smith, colors by Glenn Whitmore and letters by Jack Morelli.

Check out both previews below, along with a classic Little Archie story by Bob Bolling and Chic Stone.

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‘Hack/Slash’ returns in October in a new miniseries by Zoe Thorogood

Cassie Hack is back in a new miniseries written by the Eisner Award-nominated creator.

Zoe Thorogood, who is not only a nominee for this year’s Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award but also a multiple Eisner Award nominee, will next turn her pencil to Cassie Hack, the monster hunter created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli.

Hack/Slash will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, so it’s a good time to bring in one of comic’s most promising newcomers to offer a fresh take. Image Comics will kick off the four-issue miniseries Hack/Slash: Back to School in October.

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Here’s a look inside ‘Marvel’s Voices: X-Men’

The anthology features new comics by Al Ewing, Greg Pak, Daniel Bayliss, Jorge Corona and more.

Marvel will release another of their Marvel’s Voices anthologies in August, this time focusing in on the X-Men.

The anthology series, which sprang from a podcast on Marvel.com with the same name, has been published since 2020 and has spotlighted “diverse storytellers and their journeys,” as well as characters from diverse backgrounds. This year Marvel’s Voices began spotlighting specific character groups, like the Spider-Verse characters and the citizens of Wakanda, in stories by diverse creators.

And this time around, they’ve recruited a very diverse group to create stories about one of their most diverse character groups. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in the anthology when it arrives Aug. 16.

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