Beast Boy leads the pack in ‘Titans: Beast World’

The crossover event will spin out of Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott’s work on ‘Titans.’

When an interstellar Sea Star that rivals Starro the Conqueror threatens Earth, one hero will step up to save the world — Beast Boy.

In San Diego today, DC announced Titans: Beast World, a crossover event spinning out of Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott’s work on Titans. The event will begin in Tales of the Titans #4, which spotlights Beast Boy, and will continue through Janaury.

“I’m beyond excited to bring this DC crossover event to life starting in November with our new Titans: Beast World series, featuring art by the incomparable Ivan Reis. ‘Beast World’ will also thread the needle between the current series that I’m writing about the Titans,” said Taylor. “Friends will fall. Super Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become…Beast World.”

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Horror gets personal in ‘Something Crawled Out’ by Son M. + MadCursed

The new Vault Comics title, announced today in San Diego, will arrive in October.

Son M. and Cas ‘MadCursed’ Peirano will get up close and personal with horror in a new title from Vault that will debut this fall. Something Crawled Out will introduce a woman who enlists her best friend to help find her missing sister — only for her to start to suspect her best friend is the Devil himself.

The new title is colored by Vittorio Astone, lettered by Jim Campbell and designed by Tim Daniel.

“Love is a violent thing. I’ve always been obsessed with the inherent connection between brutality and beauty, and the way we express our relationships in different ways” said Son M. “Something Crawled Out is about two desperate people trying to save someone they love, and thus committing unspeakable acts of violence onto others along the way. I’ve always wanted to write horror that was so tied to expressions of the Final Girl trope, mixed with the active presence of the Hunter. Rather than reacting to the tragedies around her, Eddie is constantly causing devastation in her desperation to find her sister.”

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David Pepose and Dave Wachter introduce a new Punisher this fall

A retired SHIELD agent will take up the mantle, becoming ‘the Danny Ketch to Frank’s Johnny Blaze.’

Spencer & Locke co-creator and former Savage Avengers writer David Pepose will team with Planet of the Apes artist Dave Wachter on a new Punisher series, as a retired SHIELD agent named Joe Garrison takes up the mantle once held by Frank Castle.

“The man might be different, but the punishment remains the same,” said Pepose. “I wanted to introduce the Danny Ketch to Frank’s Johnny Blaze.”

Now that is a great analogy. If you read the recent Jason Aaron-written Punisher series, you know (SPOILER!) that Frank Castle has moved on from this earthly plain. No, he isn’t dead, but he’s on Weirdworld, helping kids and not being the Punisher. So now someone new is stepping into the role.

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Ridley + Raffaele bring ‘The Ministry of Compliance’ to IDW

An alien conspiracy goes wrong in the new IDW Originals series, which debuts in November.

John Ridley and Stefano Raffaele, the team behind DC’s GCPD: The Blue Wall, will re-team for a conspiracy-laden action series from IDW. The Ministry of Compliance will feature a secret cabal of aliens who are running the world who believe they’re doing the right thing for humanity — but what happens when they start fighting amongst themselves?

They’re joined by colorist Brad Anderson on the IDW Originals series.

“I’ve been real fortunate to have had many ‘phases’ in my career, from starting out writing on The Martin Show all the way up to 12 Years A Slave and everything that flowed from it. But there’s always going to be part of me which is the kid who fell in love with storytelling by way of comic books. And to be real this is the craft that brings me the most joy. The trio of Avigail, Quinn and Kingsley are easily my three favorite characters in thirty-plus years of creating,” Ridley said.

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Nightcrawler’s origin gets a long overdue clean-up this fall

Si Spurrier and Wilton Santos will spotlight Nightcrawler and Mystique in ‘X-Men Origins Blue.’

During the Designing the X-Men panel in San Diego, Marvel announced a couple of new projects related to their merry mutants.

The first is X-Men Origins Blue, which arrives in November. The one-shot will delve into the origins of both Nightcrawler and Mystique, and, knock on wood, will retcon the terrible retcons made to the character in the early 2000s. It’s by Si Spurrier and Wilton Santos, and Spurrier’s quote offers a glimmer of hope in the right direction.

“It’s not often you get the chance to shine new light into the origins of a truly beloved character. To do so for two at once is an unprecedented privilege,” Spurrier said. “With this book, we’re breaking new ground in more ways than one. We’re walking this path with the deepest love for Nightcrawler and Mystique, and the deepest respect for the formative stories that surround them.”

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Lee + Li lead an ‘Army of One’ at Oni Press

The graphic novel will land in stores next March.

Writer Tony Lee and artist Yishan Li will team up for Army of One, a new graphic novel coming from Oni Press next year that spotlights one hero’s journey through the multiverse.

Announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the story’s origins go back as far as the 2016 SDCC, when Lee pitched the idea to Li of a story about a girl who finds out that she came from the shard of a sorceress whose body was shattered into the pieces that formed the multiverse.

“When we pitched this, multiverse stories in comics were rare, but now they’re ten-a-penny,” said Lee. “But over the years, the story changed and grew as we progressed deeper into it; it became less about the worlds, and more about the loneliness of a character while surrounded by others, and how even one person can create a revolution. Finishing the third book in the series during a global pandemic really brought that home, and after four years wait since it was first announced, I can’t wait for people to finally see the journeys of Carrie and her fellow Shards, as they try to fulfill a prophecy given by an unreliable narrator!” 

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