‘Madness, violence, fire and blood!’ Andrew Krahnke lets loose on the barbarian tale ‘Bloodrik’

The three-issue miniseries begins in December.

Andrew Krahnke, artist of Tartarus and Outrunners, will write and draw Bloodrik, a three-issue miniseries coming from Image Comics in December.

The story features a barbarian named Bloodrik, whose hunt for food in unfamiliar woods leads to conflict.

“I came up with the rough idea for this comic in about 10 minutes, after I sketched Bloodrik for the first time. I knew I wanted it to be about a hulking woodsman making his way across a brutal landscape looking for food. Seemed like a simple enough idea. It would be another 10 years before I sat down to finally start drawing it,” said Krahnke. “During those 10 years of writing, rewriting, and re-rewriting, Bloodrik evolved from that simple idea into a story about how we see ourselves and the trouble we can get into when we let the idea of who we think we are dictate how we see the world.”

Here are more details on the story:

Bloodrik is angry, confused and starving. After finding nothing but failure in his usual hunting grounds he stomps his way into unfamiliar woods in an attempt to feed his stomach and heal his wounded ego. What he finds will lead him on a journey of madness, violence, fire and BLOOD!

“This book is the result of a lot of time, effort and energy, and I’m extremely proud of the end result. I think anyone who gives it a chance will find something to enjoy. At the very least it makes a great visual companion to whatever viking metal playlist you prefer,” Krahnke said.

And here’s a look at the interiors from the first issue:

The first issue arrives Dec. 6.

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