YouTuber Karl Jacobs teams with Dave Scheidt, Kelly and Nichole Matthews for his first comic

‘Time Traveler Tales’ will arrive from Dark Horse Comics this winter.

Karl Jacobs, a cast member of the mega-popular MrBeast YouTube channel and a popular YouTube streamer in his own right, will work with writer Dave Scheidt and artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews on Time Traveler Tales.

The five-issue miniseries will adapt Jacobs’ “popular Minecraft streaming series, Tales from the SMP, into their very own comic series.”

“I am so excited for this book!” said Scheidt. “Working with Karl and Kelly and Nichole and Dark Horse has been a thrill. Karl’s created such a fun world to play around in and getting to tell new stories in that world with such an incredible creative team is an honor.”

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the miniseries:

Oliver has a problem—a time travel problem. Some mysterious force keeps throwing him through time, and this time he’s in the Wild West, rescuing . . . circus animals? But as crazy as that is, it’s only the beginning of his adventure. Through everything that gets thrown at him, the only constant is his desire to help others, right wrongs, and understand the odd places and times to which he travels. With so little to go on, and no control over where he goes (or when!), Oliver must rely on his wit and his friends to find out and face whatever is causing him to tumble through time and space!

“Working with Karl, Dave, and Dark Horse has been a great experience,” said kickingshoes duo, Kelly and Nichole Matthews. “It’s been so much fun bringing Oliver’s world to life, and we hope everyone enjoys traveling with him throughout his adventures!”

Look for the first issue on Dec. 6.

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