Comixology + Stout Club announce three new projects at CCXP

Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo Medeiros, Mateus Santolouco and Rafael Scavone will continue making comics for the digital platform next year.

Over the weekend at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience, or CCXP, Comixology and Stout Club Entertainment announced three new projects for 2024.

Stout Club is the studio that includes Rafael Albuquerque, Eduardo MedeirosMateus Santolouco and Rafael Scavone. They’ve already released several projects through Comixology Originals, including Red Tag, Hailstone and Funny Creek.

“CCXP is an epic pop culture convention that takes place in our home country of Brazil and Stout Club is so happy to be part of it,” Albuquerque said. “We are very proud of the comics we have released with Comixology Originals–Red Tag, Hailstone and Funny Creek–and are excited to showcase more of our talent and ideas with these new projects in 2024.”

Here’s a look at the three projects that were announced:

Roderick and the City of Morhil is a five-issue fantasy series about a young new postman who’s about to make his first delivery when the package gets stolen, created by Eduardo Medeiros, written and illustrated by Eduardo Medeiros, colors by Bruno Freire, letters by Deyvison Manes and covers by Eduardo Medeiros and Rafael Albuquerque.

Mistland is a five-issue adventure series that follows the suspects of a murder who are exiled in the frozen vastness of a place called the Mistland, created by Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque, written by Felipe Castilho with art by Felipe Watanabe, colors by Natalia Marques, letters by Deyvison Manes, and covers by Rafael Albuquerque.

Sliced is an original graphic novel about two rival pizzaiolos forced to give up their generational rivalry and collaborate against a new high-tech competitor written by Rafael Scavone and illustrated by Guilherme Grandizolli, with Cris Peter and Deyvison Manes.

All three will arrive first on Amazon in digital form, to be followed by print releases by dark Horse Comics. No release dates were given for the three projects.

I’m hopeful that this is a sign that Amazon plans to continue the Comixology Originals line, despite the fact that they are streamlining operations around the platform. Today marks the end of the Comixology app, as Amazon would like you to start using the Kindle app to read your digital comics.

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