Cartoonist Cooperative announces nominees for the 2024 Minicomic Awards

The annual award recognizes creators making under-the-radar, short-form comics.

The Cartoonist Cooperative has announced the nominees for their 2024 Minicomics Awards, which they started giving out in 2022.

Founded by cartoonists Leslie Hung and Sloane Leong, the awards shine a light on “the unique, challenging, and under-recognized work in this short form medium.” The awards are presented across five categories based on genre, including horror, science fiction, fantasy, romance and autobiography.

The winners will be announced in a virtual ceremony on March 14 at 3 p.m. Pacific. The five winners will split a prize of $3,700.

Here are this year’s nominees:


  • The Space Between Nothing by Cynta Camilla
  • Golden; Record 4.0 by Stefani
  • Marrow a.k.a Rodney’s Law by Sloane Hong
  • So You’ve Been Conquered by the Human Race by Leo Healy, Torgo Wells, and Claire Napier


  • Be Wary the River by Kit Fraser
  • Unicorn, Hunted by Ian Simmons
  • The Bird Daughters by Madeline McGrane
  • >THE JESTER by M. Shorjian


  • Sunflowers by Keezy Young
  • I Owe it to my Parents Not to Come Out by Richard Mercado
  • If the Body Keeps the Score, Does That Mean I’m Winning?? by Arantza Pena
  • Popo Fancies by Alex Cara


  • Parasocial Activity by Pearl Law
  • Acquired Taste by Brett Lee
  • Ethernet Cable Girlfriend by Cam Marshall
  • Crossed Signals by Narrenstrich


  • Bottom’s Up! by Barbara Benas
  • I Only Have Eyes for You, Dear By Keezy Young
  • Zugzwang by Barett Stanley
  • Circadian by SJ Miller

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