Clay McLeod Chapman + Andrea Mutti conjure up ‘Seance in the Asylum’ at Dark Horse

The historical horror miniseries begins in July.

Dark Horse Comics has brought two of the scariest words in the English language together to make something even scarier, as they’ve announced the miniseries Seance in the Asylum.

The historical horror series is by Clay McLeod Chapman, writer of What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters, and artist Andrea Mutti, whose horror pedigree includes titles like A Legacy of Violence, Maniac of New York, Parasomnia, Bunny Mask and Haunt You to the End.

“Years back, I uncovered an esoteric text — The Homeopathic Principle Applied to Insanity: A Proposal to Treat Lunacy by Spiritualism by Dr. James John Garth Wilkinson — written all the way back in 1857, and I knew within my bones, my blood, that this was destined to be a story,” said Chapman. “As a lifelong acolyte of the Fox Sisters, I’ve always been obsessed with stories about tapping into the hereafter. Now it’s an honor to usher you through the veil and explore the other side… “ 

Here’s how Dark Horse Comics describes Seance in the Asylum:

1865. Defrauded spiritual medium Alicia Wilkinson is brought to The Ashcroft Hospital at the behest of Dr. John James Templeton. He offers Alicia a second chance to revive her once-thriving career: perform a séance amongst the patients in order to draw out their mental maladies. Alicia performs her first series of séances with the patients—including traumatized soldiers returning from the Civil War and women whose sanity has slipped through their fingers—only to realize their sessions might work all too well. What no one knows is Alicia is a fake. A liar. A cheat… So why are the patients suddenly acting possessed?

Check out the first issue’s variant cover by Trevor Henderson:

The first issue of four will arrive in stores on July 24.

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