Thanos plagues the Marvel Universe this summer in ‘The Infinity Watch’ crossover

The Mad Titan and the Infinity Stones return in an event that runs through Marvel’s annuals.

Thanos’ ongoing quest to control the Infinity Gems Stones returns to prominence this summer in nine of Marvel’s 2024 annuals. The crossover event, spearheaded by writer Derek Landy, will begin in Thanos Annual #1 and continue through Amazing Spider-Man, Immortal Thor and more.

Landy will write some of the main stories in the annuals and all of the back-up stories, which will be drawn by Sara Pichelli.

Now, if you’re not up on your Infinity Stones lore, they are indeed the powerful artifacts formerly known as the Infinity Gems, which Thanos once used to form the Infinity Gauntlet and wipe out half the population of the universe, back in the Infinity Gauntlet series by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim. More recently, in the Infinite Destinies event (which itself ran through several Marvel annuals a few years back and happens to be on sale on Comixology today), the stones were grafted into “the very bodies and souls of a few of Marvel’s up-and-coming heroes and villains.” These included Star, who has appeared in Captain Marvel and was on a recent team of Thunderbolts; Prince of Power, who appeared in Al Ewing’s run on Guardians of the Galaxy; Multitude; and Overtime. Overall, though, they’ve been under the radar since the Infinite Destinies event.

Don’t expect them to be under the radar for long, though, as they’ll make appearances in this year’s annuals AND form a team called, naturally, the Infinity Watch:

Across nine annuals starting with June’s THANOS ANNUAL #1, witness the latest cosmos-shattering Infinity saga as celebrated icons and new fan-favorites battle it out to contain—or control—the limitless power of the Infinity Stones. The blockbuster summer event will decide the fate of the stones and also culminate with the formation of a brand-new lineup of the stone’s legendary guardians: the INFINITY WATCH.

The saga will follow up on previous Infinity Stone stories with the return of recent bearers, including Star, Overtime, Prince of Power, Quantum, and Multitude, as well as introduce you to the new Mind Stone-Bearer for the first time! As they deal with their god-like powers and mistrust from their peers, Thanos—fresh off his own dramatic transformation in Christopher Cantwell’s recent THANOS limited series—begins a bloody march to claim his dark destiny once more.

The original incarnation of the Infinity Watch also featured characters who possessed the various stones at the time, including Adam Warlock, Moondragon, Drax and Pip the Troll. The story not only teases the identity of the Mind Stone-Bearer, but also a “mysterious Death Stone-Bearer” who will be the subject of the back-up stories by Landy and Pichelli.

Salvador Larocca will draw the initial chapter, Thanos Annual #1, in June, as well as covers for the other chapters. Amazing Spider-Man Annual and Immortal Thor Annual both arrive in July:

Written by DEREK LANDY
On Sale 7/3

The Time Stone Bearer, AKA Overtime, takes on Spider-Man! It’s time travel vs. Spider-Sense as the Infinity Watch grows and the universe lands in deep deep trouble… PLUS, rhe Death Stone Bearer arrives as Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli’s Annual-Linking story marches on with more surprises than you can handle!

Written by AL EWING
On Sale 7/17

Faced with the menace of Utgard and a prophecy of his own doom, the son of Odin sought out the legendary Power Stone to aid his fight. Only two things were in his way. Firstly, the mighty Champion of the Universe—with strength to match Thor’s own—was also questing for the stone. Secondly, the Stone is now inside a person: the Prince of Power! PLUS, Derek Landy and Sara Pichelli continue the journey of the Death Stone Bearer and the scar it will leave on the universe!

“When you write for Marvel, it’s all you can hope for to add your thread to the massive tapestry of stories that has been unfolding since 1961. To be asked, then, to spearhead this next chapter is a prospect beyond my paltry imagination,” Landy said. “I get to work on characters I’ve never written before—Thanos! Hulk!—and drag them into the story beside the new generation of heroes like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Boy. Thankfully, there is absolutely no pressure because comic fans are a notoriously easy-going bunch who are prepared to forgive if—oh dear God.”

Look for everything to kick off when Thanos Annual #1 arrivs in stores on June 26.

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