The ‘Minor Threats’ universe expands again this summer with ‘Barfly’

Kyle Starks and Ryan Browne team up the tale of a humanoid mutant fly.

Kyle Starks and Ryan Browne are two creators who I would have sworn had worked together before doing a quick Google search to discover that no, I’m apparently wrong. I do think they have similar sensibilities, if you look at their previous work, from Browne’s collaborations with Charles Soule on Cursed Words and 8 Billion Genies to Starks’ Assassin Nation or Sexcastle, as both go out with wild ideas and even wilder executions … so maybe you can see why I thought that.

So I am pleased to see that will soon change, as they’ll team up on another Minor Threats spin-off at Dark Horse Comics, titled Barfly — which is about a humanoid mutant fly. Minor Threats is the 2022 miniseries by Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum and Scott Hepburn that has produced a previous spinoff and a sequel miniseries that begins in April, and that universe will keep expanding this summer.

“I’m so excited to be invited to add to the tapestry that is the wonderful, super-powered world of Minor Threats that Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt have brought to comics,” Starks said. “To get to do it with incredible, unequaled Ryan Browne is an unbelievable cherry on top of an already delicious great comic ice cream sundae. I truly think people are going to fall in love with the lovable loser Sh*teater – a sweet little fella who’s just trying to find his place in the world after years of being a nameless minion!”

The comic does indeed feature a main character named Shiteater:

The Lower Lair bar is home to all sorts of supervillains, lowlifes, and scumbags… but only one of them has to puke digestive fluids onto his food to eat. $#!%eater, the humanoid mutant fly, is a loser–a lifelong minion who lives to serve his criminal master. But what happens to a henchman when he no longer has anyone left to hench for?

“I got drunk and destroyed Kyle Starks prize-winning begonias with a hedge trimmer,” Browne said. “The least I could do was repeatedly draw a sad fly man for him as an apology.”

Take a look at the first issue’s variant covers by Browne, Martín Morazzo and Dan Hipp:

The first issue arrives in stores July 10.

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