Curt Pires’ ‘Endless’ will debut on Comixology this Tuesday

Pires will team with Diana Nguyen, Jacoby Salcedo, Stefano Cardoselli and Ryan Quackenbush for the story of a thief lost in the multiverse.

Curt Pires’ partnership with Comixology Originals, which has brought us titles like Youth and Lost Falls, will continue this Tuesday with Endless, a five-issue miniseries drawn by several different artists.

Endless is the story of one man’s lives across the multiverse,” Pires said in the news release. “Each issue–a new universe, a new life, drawn by one of freshest new talents in comics. Strap in and come aboard, because we’re about to take you on one hell of a trip.”

Pires is working with artists Diana Nguyen, Jacoby Salcedo, Stefano Cardoselli and Ryan Quackenbush on the story, which is about a thief who becomes unbound in space and time. They’re joined by colorist Mark Dale and letterer Micah Myers, while Sunando C provides the cover for the first issue:

Here’s the description from Comixology Originals:

When a heist to steal an expensive piece of scientific technology goes wrong, Henry Quan, a selfish career criminal, is unmoored in both space and time. Thrown in and out of parallel lives across the multiverse, he struggles to find his way back home and find out exactly what happened to him.

Here’s a preview of the first issue, which features Nguyen’s artwork:

It’ll debut on Amazon’s Comixology platform July 9.

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