Lewis + Barravecchia prepare for ‘blood-splattered’ conquest in ‘Bear Pirate Viking Queen’

The three-issue high-fantasy miniseries begins in May.

Sean Lewis will team up with artist/painter  Jonathan Marks Barravecchia for “a blood-splattered story of conquest.” Bear Pirate Viking Queen, coming from Image Comics this May, is billed as a high fantasy story, and from what I can tell, it does not feature a bear who is also a queen, pirate and viking at the same time (although I’ll be pleasantly surprised if that is, indeed, the case).

Lewis said he was inspired by an Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell classic when creating the story.

“I always wanted to make something that hit me like From Hell the first time I read it,” said Lewis. “Something with historical scope, something with a really uncompromised visual beauty, and something that felt BIG. Jonathan’s work is incredible. The story is one I am incredibly proud of. We are shooting for ‘canon’ with this one.”

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Alaska battles a supernatural invasion in ‘Survival’

Dark Horse Comics will publish the new miniseries by Sean Lewis and Bryndon Everett.

With the release of Dark Horse’ solicitations for May 2023 comes word of a “new political horror-action comic” called Survival by Sean Lewis and Bryndon Everett. It’s about Russia invading the United States, specifically Alaska, with supernatural forces.

Survival was written years before Russia invaded Ukraine,” Lewis said. “Some would call it prescient, but it seemed obvious—old empires don’t like to fall. Survival merges a social aspect with a very fun, very pulp story of vampires and machine guns, survivalists and invaders.”

Natalie Barahona provides colors, while Ed Dukeshire is lettering the project.

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