Alaska battles a supernatural invasion in ‘Survival’

Dark Horse Comics will publish the new miniseries by Sean Lewis and Bryndon Everett.

With the release of Dark Horse’ solicitations for May 2023 comes word of a “new political horror-action comic” called Survival by Sean Lewis and Bryndon Everett. It’s about Russia invading the United States, specifically Alaska, with supernatural forces.

Survival was written years before Russia invaded Ukraine,” Lewis said. “Some would call it prescient, but it seemed obvious—old empires don’t like to fall. Survival merges a social aspect with a very fun, very pulp story of vampires and machine guns, survivalists and invaders.”

Natalie Barahona provides colors, while Ed Dukeshire is lettering the project.

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Second volume of ‘Fresh Romance’ hits Kickstarter

New volume includes comics by Sally Jane Thompson, Cecil Castellucci and more.

The romance comics anthology Fresh Romance returned to Kickstarter this week, courtesy of the book’s new publisher Emet Comics.

Maytal Gilboa, CEO of Emet Comics, emailed backers of the first volume (of which I am one) on International Women’s Day to announce the new volume. “Fresh Romance was a romance anthology founded by Janelle Assellin in 2015 as a way to promote female and LGBT creators, and to showcase diverse stories about love,” she said. “Fresh Romance Volume 1 was a huge success, being published by Oni Press, and selling over 3,000 copies to devoted readers. When Janelle retired last year, she gave us her blessing to continue the series, and we’re doing everything in our power to make good on the promises that were made to everyone who rooted for this series to succeed.”

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