Valiant to release ‘Secret Edition’ versions of ‘Secret Weapons’

Which ones are “Secret” editions? It’s a secret.

If you’re planning to buy Valiant’s Secret Weapons when it arrives June 28, be on the lookout for a special “Secret Edition” version of the first issue.

Valiant Entertainment announced that some versions of the first issue will contain “subtle differences” that will help readers to “decode a major secret at the heart of the Valiant Universe’s most important new series.”

Here are a few more details from the publisher:

Randomly inserted into the print run of Secret Weapons #1’s A cover by interior artist Raul Allen, the Secret Weapons #1 Secret Edition is indistinguishable from the A cover except for subtle differences that will not be revealed officially. Rather, eagle-eyed fans will have to crack the gamified elements to uncover the secrets. Readers that manage to obtain the randomly distributed Secret Weapons #1 Secret Edition are challenged to decode a major secret at the heart of the Valiant Universe’s most important new series of the summer – one that will reveal the true long term importance of Livewire’s landmark solo debut and the epic events that will follow in its wake…

Here’s the cover you’ll want to keep an eye out for … good luck!

Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons is by The Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer and artists Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. You can see a full preview of the first issue, along with a trailer, here.

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