Fund Me Friday | Vipers, dragons, baboons … and lemonade

Check out new crowdfunding projects from Joe Glass, Cullen Bunn, Saladin Ahmed, Dave Acosta and more.

Crowdfunding continues to serve as a viable method for creators to fund their creative endeavors, as comic-related projects flourish on sites like Kickstarter, Patreon and IndieGoGo. The internet also allows creators to sell their creations direct to fans, through sites like Gumroad, Etsy and of course their own websites. If you’re looking to buy something from or support a creator directly, you’ve come to the right place. And that’s a good thing to do, now more than ever.

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Glitter Vipers

Creators involved: Joe Glass
Platform: Kickstarter

What to know: The creator of The Pride and Acceptable Losses returns with another Kickstarter for a brand new title. It features a drag queen and her friends seeking revenge for a hate crime in Manchester, England.

Follow the most fabulous street gang in the world as they patrol the Gay Village, step up to bigoted politicians and bash down the bashers. And in the midst of it all, they discover there’s a conspiracy behind it all!

They’re sick of being seen as victims! Sick of having crimes against them ignored! The Glitter Vipers are here to fight back!

The story is a brisk 60 pages, with a few behind the scenes extras thrown in too to give you a great little package in a glitter grindhouse revenge fantasy!

The campaign ends July 23.

What’s the deal? About $8 U.S. will get you a digital copy, while a print copy will cost you about $16. (This Kickstarter is being run out of England, so prices are in pounds). Other tiers offer patches, stickers, signed copies and more.


Creators involved: Cullen Bunn, JimmyZ Johnston, Federico de Luca
Platform: Kickstarter

What to know: This campaign is for the first two issues of a new steampunk/horror comic book series written by Bunn and Johnston, with art by de Luca.

Democritus Brand is a new adventurer in a steampunk version of the Victorian era,” Bunn said in his email newsletter. “Exploring the world via his state-of-the-art airship, accompanied by a host of skilled companions, Brand is a kind of archaeologist who is seeking the truth about the steam-driven wonders that have changed the world forever. This truth, of course, is not necessarily all that pleasant.”

In 1861… an excavation in Egypt uncovers a most unusual mummy. The body is a fusion of preserved flesh and strange steam technology, like a steam-era cyborg… but the mummy is THOUSANDS of years old. This represents a vast, alien technology that came to Earth centuries ago. Could this be how the pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed? This discovery launches a neo-industrial revolution–a burgeoning age of steam and clockworks. From advanced locomotion and flying machines… to streamlined communication… to pneumatic servants and soldiers, the steam-driven technology was meant to make the lives of the Crown’s citizens easier.

What’s the deal? $5 will get you a digital copy of the first issue, while $10 gets you the first two issues. If you want print copies, it’s $10 for the first issue and $20 for both. Other tiers offer copies of the script and variant covers.


Creators involved: Saladin Ahmed, Dave Acosta
Platform: Kickstarter

What to know: This deluxe oversized hardcover is by Saladin Ahmed, writer of Black Bolt and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Dave Acosta, artist of Elvira, Vampirella, The Shadow and Doc Savage. It’s about a fallen Muslim warrior and a nun who team up to take on Dracula.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about this,” Ahmed writes on the Kickstarter page. “Dragon is the Dracula story I’ve wanted to tell for years, full of everything that matters to me — horrific creatures, rich history, wildly different characters coming together to confront evil. It’s a story centered on the sorts of heroes that are usually pushed to the margins — heroes who must reach across gulfs of culture and faith to face down the world’s most terrifying monster.”

The campaign ends Aug. 6.

What’s the deal? They’ve made choosing a tier really easy, as there is only one — the deluxe oversized hardcover for $39.

Sagas of the Shield Maiden

Creators involved: Asa Wheatley, Daniel Coloma, Kay Baird, Kevin Keane, Michelle Marham and Sammy Ward
Platform: Kickstarter

What to know: Described as a “viking western,” this is an anthology of stories starring the title character, all written by Wheatley and drawn by various artists, with a cover by Sweeney Boo.

Each tale takes place at a different point in the Shield Maiden’s life. From her first raid in England to a spout of bloody vengeance and her eventual death. As well as obviously being heavily influenced by Viking history and Norse mythology the stories all draw upon traits and themes commonly found in the western genre.

The campaign ends Aug. 6.

What’s the deal? You can get a digital copy for about $6, and a print copy for about $16. Like Glitter Vipers, this project is also out of England and prices are in pounds.

The Baboon/ Pink Lemonade Jamboree!

Creators involved: Jamie Jones, Nick Cagnetti
Platform: Kickstarter

What to know: This comic brings together two different indie comics heroes — Jones’ Baboon and Cagnetti’s Pink Lemonade. They are both co-writing this comic, while Jones is drawing it and Cagnetti is coloring it. The heroes team up to stop a villain who wants to cancel Comic Con, and no, his name isn’t COVID-19.

 “I was reading a bunch of 90s Image comics and reignited my love of the crossover,” Jones wrote on the Kickstarter page. “Characters bouncing back and forth between books, binding characters to some great collective omni-narrative. It was fun. And I’ve been missing that fun. So I hit up my friend, and fellow cartoonist, Nick Cagnetti to see if he missed that fun too.”

The campaign ends Aug. 5.

What’s the deal? For as little as $3 you can get a digital copy, while $5 lands you a print copy. Other tiers offer previous Baboon comics as well as original drawings.

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