Mail Call | DC celebrates 80 years of Wonder Woman, Green Arrow this year

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Mail Call is a roundup of the announcements we’ve received from comics publishers in our mailboxes recently that we haven’t already covered. Hit the links for more information.

DC will celebrate milestone years for two characters in 2021, just like they’ve done for Batman, Superman and others over the last few years.

First up, on June 29, DC will release Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Oliver Queen, who debuted in More Fun Comics back in 1941.

The anthology will feature stories by Mike Grell, Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Otto Schmidt, Ben Percy, Tom Taylor, Devin Grayson, Stephanie Phillips, Mariko Tamaki, Ram V, Vita Ayala, Nicola Scott, Chris Mitten, Laura Braga, Max Fiumara and Brandon Thomas, among others. Expect appearances not only by Green Arrow, but also by Black Canary, Speedy, Red Arrow, Connor Hawke, Arsenal and more.

Then in October, Wonder Woman will take the spotlight on, naturally, Wonder Woman Day. DC has announced their plans for Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, which will include a 100-Page Super Spectacular of her own. They have not yet revealed details on the contents, but they did share the cover (above) by Yanick Paquette with colors by Nathan Fairbairn. Wonder Woman Day is Oct. 21.

DC has revealed a cover for the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point crossover comic that features a surprise guest: Snake Eyes. Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair bring the G.I. Joe character into conflict with Batman — all with a crazy Fortnite spin — on this variant cover.

Actor Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox on the Batwoman TV show, will write a story for Batman: Urban Legends featuring — you guessed it — Luke Fox. The story will appear in the fourth issue of the anthology series, which will also include contributions from Chip Zdarsky, Meghan Fitzmartin, Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows, Belén Ortega, Ryan Benjamin, Marcus To, Eber Ferriera and more.

Dark Horse will adapt the video game Far Cry into a three-issue comic book miniseries.

Far Cry: Rite of Passage will be written by Bryan Edward Hill, illustrated by Geraldo Borges, colored by Micheal Atiyeh and lettered by Comicraft, with covers by artist Matt Taylor.  The story will feature President Antón Castillo and his son, Diego, from the upcoming Far Cry 6.

“Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with Dark Horse, we are thrilled to share with our fans the very first Far Cry comic series”, said Marie-Joëlle Paquin, Product Director on Far Cry. “Through Bryan and Geraldo’s amazing work, we’ll get a fresh look into our beloved villains’ dark pasts. We can’t wait for everyone to fall down this rabbit hole with us.”

And speaking of video games, Dark Horse also announced an all-ages graphic novel based on the game Immortals: Fenyx Rising by Ben Kahn and Georgeo Brooks. The graphic novel will take place after the events of the game and will reunite Fenyx with her human father and mother.

Marvel offers a closer look at Murder Hornet and other characters designed by Javier Garrón and Luca Pizzari for May and June’s Heroes Reborn event, which spins out of Jason Aaron’s run on Avengers. “A very 2020 villain” indeed.

IDW has revealed four pages of interior artwork from the upcoming crossover Locke & Key / The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #1. It’s slated to be released on April 14.

AfterShock Comics has announced Out of Body by writer Peter Milligan, artist Inaki Miranda, colourist Eva De La Cruz and letterer Sal Cipriano. It tells the tale of “a very different and surreal kind of murder mystery.” Check out some preview pages below:

The new series launches in June.

AfterShock also announced Seven Swords, which features several swashbuckling characters from literature teaming up, including muskateer D’Artagan, Don Juan, Captain Blood and Cyrano de Bergerac, to defeat a looming enemy. It’s written by Evan Daugherty and illustrated by Italian artist Riccardo Latina, with color by Valentina Bianconi. It comes out in June.

In April, Marvel will release Women of Marvel, and they’ve revealed variant covers for it by Peach Momoko, Amanda Conner (above) and Maria Wolf.

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