‘Fantastic Four’ #33 provides ‘the greatest reaction page in the history of comics (this week)’

Carla Hoffman offers a quick review of the second chapter of Doctor Doom’s wedding.

So I love superhero weddings almost as much as I love pro wrestling weddings, and the two genres have a lot in common.

After all, none of us are coming to the nuptials to see love triumph or watch people slow dance at the reception; we want to see the carnage. If there’s a big cake, we want someone to go through it. If the officiant asks for anyone to “speak now or forever hold your peace,” there should be at least five people jumping to their feet to object. 

It’s drama, it’s fashion, it’s a comic book wedding for Fantastic Four #33.

cover by Mark Brooks

What I like best is that, even for those who haven’t been following the FF through Dan Slott’s run, is that this is an easy jumping-on point for a solid new storyline. You don’t need to know who Zora Vukovic is as a hero or her history as Victorious in Slott’s story because they cut to the chase through quick and appropriate expository dialogue. Quick beats of character interaction give you context for why Doctor Doom would greet the Fantastic Four with tigers (not that he needs it, they are tigers, he’s Doom) or why this all seems like a trap to begin with. 

Because, of course, it most likely is; Zora admits to being “intimate” with Johnny Storm at the altar, which leads to the greatest reaction page in the history of comics (this week), as drawn by R. B. Silva:

This is a terrible place to say anything like that, especially to Doom, so of course our heroes are trapped and our big fight is scheduled for the next issue.  A fun read, and I’m looking forward to the disaster coming in FF #34.

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