Skottie Young will bring back ‘I Hate Fairyland’ in his Substack newsletter

The creator moves his newsletter to a premium model, offering new comics, behind-the-scenes information and more.

Although he wasn’t mentioned in the initial announcement, Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon, Strange Academy, Middlewest) has announced he’ll move his Substack newsletter to a subscription model and will use it to share new comics content — including new I Hate Fairyland.

Young joins James Tynion IV, Jonathan Hickman, Molly Ostertag and others in using the Substack platform to share and sell new comics content.

“This is no longer just a ‘Newsletter.’ It’s a Creative Platform,” Young said in his newsletter today. “A place to explore new ideas, stories, products to share with you instantly.”

He said he sees Substack as being more akin to blogging (ahem), like he used to do on his website.

For you OG followers (shout out to any of you Old LED HEAVY heads!), you’ll remember a day where blogging was something I did on a regular basis. Pulling back the curtain on my life and building a community for all of us to inspire each other. Social media came along and pulled us away from that kind of sharing and interacting. Now it’s limited character posts on Twitter, or art trapped in the tiny square jail cell that is Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, both of those platforms have been great to me and so many of you have found your way here from there. But…

…it’s time to go back. Back to a time where I could open up and connect with you all in a more in depth way that the blog provided. On art and life. 

Like the other creators using Substack, he’ll move to a “premium” subscription model. Some content will still be free, but by paying $7 a month you’ll get access to comics, behind-the-scenes commentary and access to his sketchbook in PDF format. If you’re willing to pay $300 a year, he’s also offering exclusive variant covers and a couple of Zoom hangouts per year.

As for what comics he’ll offer, he announced that the first one available through his newsletter will be a new I Hate Fairyland story, the black humor/fantasy comic previously published by Image Comics.

“You all have no idea how excited I am to throw myself back into that world with those characters,” Young said. “I’ll get into more details in future posts, but for now, just know that Gert, Larry and the rest of the gang will be returning via your inbox and comic shops near you in the coming year!!! And the best part, you all will watch it all come to life right here!”

He added that this new initiative won’t affect his current projects, like writing Strange Academy for Marvel. “My calendar is as filled with covers as it has been for the last 10 years, and there’s a new project coming up that no one knows about that will be a ton of fun,” he said.

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