Mail Call | Sina Grace returns to write and draw ‘Rockstar and Softboy’

Today’s round-up includes news and announcements from Skottie Young, Ben Templesmith, Molly Knox Ostertag and more.

Mail Call is a roundup of cool things we’ve received in our mailboxes recently from comics publishers, creators and more. Hit the links for more information.

Sina Grace (Ghosted) is writing and drawing a new one-shot, Rockstar and Softboy, that Image Comics will publish next February.

Set in “Hollyweird, CA,” the story involves two roommates, a house party and the “dreaded party animal” who shows up to make a mess of things.

“As a fan of buddy movies like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, it only just occurred to me that I can create a story of my very own where two gay besties throw a party that includes werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches and the reviled Party Animal,” said Grace. “Rockstar and Softboy is pure, frenzied, loving, ratchet friendship in a comic book.”

This is one of two projects the former Iceman writer announced the week, the other being a new graphic novel deal with Random House Graphic:

Ostertag announces Darkest Night

Molly Knox Ostertag is publishing her new graphic novel, Darkest Night, through her Substack newsletter.

Ostertag said she plans to share pages with premium subscribers every Friday, but will “eventually share chapters on the free version of this newsletter.”

Here’s the description: Magdalena Hererra, Mags to everyone, was born with a secret. She keeps the secret locked in the basement, where it cannot hurt anyone else. She feeds the secret, every day. No one knows the secret, besides her family—and her childhood best friend, who is back in town after being gone for ten years.

Jason Howard joins the Three Worlds Three Moons team

Jonathan Hickman has announced that artist Jason Howard will contribute to his Three Worlds Three Moons project that he’s been sharing through his Substack newsletter.

“One of the biggest things that excites us about Three Worlds Three Moons is that we’re building a universe where a bunch of creators we respect and admire can come in and have a little fun,” Hickman said in his post. Howard joins Hickman, Mike del Mundo, Mike Huddleston, Al Ewing, Tini Howard and Ram V on the 3W3M team.

Templesmith announces Original Hate

Artist Ben Templesmith has announced his “first real horror-type original work since 30 Days of Night,” a new project titled Original Hate. He said he plans to start a crowdfunding campaign for it in November. While he didn’t share many details, he did hint that “if you like people being ripped apart, evil billionaires & other species of humans, it’s hopefully something you’ll dig.”

Skottie Young launches free I Hate Fairyland stories on Substack

When he launched the premium service for his Substack newsletter, Skottie Young said he planned to share new I Hate Fairyland stories by different creators with premium subscribers under the title The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable, And Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales Of I Hate Fairyland.

Young shared the first of those stories at the end of October, but not before announcing that the strips would not be limited to premium subscribers — they’ll actually be free for everyone.

“The creators I’m working with on these Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland short stories are turning in such amazing work that it’s too hard to keep it hidden away over a pay wall,” Young said. “I want ALL OF YOU to read these stories and since I’m kinda running this whole operation, that’s just what I’m gonna do. Comics are now unlocked to free subscriptions, as well as for the premium crew!”

You can check out the first one by Dean Rankine, with more to come.

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