Rest in peace, Ryan ‘Bode’ Bodenheim

The artist of ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Secret,’ ‘A Red Mass for Mars,’ ‘Bloodshot’ and more passed away Dec. 20 at the age of 44.

Artist Ryan Bodenheim, who sometimes went by the nickname Bode, passed away Dec. 20 at the age of 44. A cause of death has not been released.

Over the course of his career, Bondeheim worked on projects at Marvel and Valiant, on titles like Black Panther, Bloodshot and Ninjak. But fans might best know him from his work with Jonathan Hickman; together they co-created several Image series, including The Dying and the Dead, Secret and A Red Mass for Mars.

“Ryan made the work better,” Hickman wrote in his newsletter. “It’s why I loved working with him. I think that’s the highest compliment you can pay a creative partner, and over the past decade it was such a joy to watch him also grow as an artist.”

Black Panther by Ryan Bodenheim posted a remembrance of Bodenheim, spotlighting his artwork on projects like Black Panther, Immortal Hulk and The Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers. More recently, he was working with writer Kieron Gillen on Eternals: The Undying, which comes out in February.

“Hearing about the sudden death of Ryan was just heartbreaking,” Gillen said on Twitter. “I’d loved his clear line, world-building and character design for years – his work with Hickman is great. I’d only just started working with him, and was amazed by his talent throughout.”

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Ryan’s honor to the Hero Initiative.

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