House of Slay returns with a new story by Cherish Chen + Ashley Liu next week

Check out an exclusive preview of the story “The Remarkable Helen Huynh” before it lands on Webtoon and Tapas on March 7.

House of Slay, the webcomic created by and starring fashion icons Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim, Laura Kim, Tina Leung and Ezra Williams, returns next week with a new episode written by Cherish Chen (Radiant Red) and drawn by Ashley Liu. Today we’re pleased to present a sneak preview of their short story, which will debut on both Tapas and Webtoon on March 7.

House of Slay debuted back in 2021, with the first season chronicling the fictional story of how the five fashion icons became superheroes. Season two, which debuted at the end of last year, will include in total five different short stories by different creative teams, with key art and character designs by Kevin Wada.

“While Season 1 of House of Slay was a story about five friends who come together to overpower hate, Season 2 is much wider in scope, taking us all over the world to meet fascinating new additions to the team. What’s so special about this concept is how it serves to remind us what we can do when we organize and empower ourselves,” Lim said.

Gurung sets up Chen and Liu’s story:

“In Cherish Chen’s and Ashley Liu’s story we get to meet Helen Huynh, one of the most memorable new cast members of the House of Slay universe. She’s so relatable!” Gurung said. “We are all in a constant crush of responsibilities and duties and if we don’t take time out to breathe and notice the world we’re in we can’t have a positive impact on it. Even though she’s a professional photographer, Helen’s learning how to see for the first time, and the first thing she observes is the kind of just-barely hidden injustice that’s so challenging to overcome in our society. But it’s never impossible, and that’s what House of Slay is all about.”

by Kevin Wada

Chen said she was drawn to House of Slay because of the overall purpose of the webcomic, which gives a forum to underrepresented voices.

“Not only am I a big fan of what the team put together in the first season of House of Slay, but I find the purpose behind these stories an awesome way to get important conversations going, especially when it comes to building community,” Chen said. “Our installment is a fun spin-off with a brand-new character, fashion photographer Helen Huynh, who finds herself at a creative crossroads when she’s invited into the world of House of Slay. Through her adventures, she’ll discover new ties to her community, deeper meaning behind her work, as well as some hijinks involving a mythological monster hell-bent on terrorizing NYC’s Chinatown! The whole thing has been a blast to put together and I’m really excited for people to read it.”

Check out our exclusive preview below:

“The Remarkable Helen Huynh” by Cherish Chen and Ashley Liu

Helen Huynh is constantly on the go, trying to make it in New York City as a fashion photographer, until one night at a gala when she encounters a piece of the magical Jadeite stone. Newly blessed with the power of invisibility, Helen slows down to observe the world around her—and when she does, she discovers that a building in her Chinatown neighborhood is being threatened by an unscrupulous developer and a ravenous mythical creature.

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