Scott Bryan Wilson + Al Barrionuevo unleash an ‘Angry Ape Army’ next week

The digital comic will debut on Zestworld, Comixology and GlobalComix.

Technology and magic will clash on a world inhabited by apes in Angry Ape Army, a new digital comic coming from EEP Universe, the production house behind House of Slay, as well as Zumeta Studios and XRM Media.

Writer Scott Bryan Wilson and artist Al Barrionuevo, who worked together on Savage Tales, will bring this world to the comics page.

The story revolves around a tribe of peaceful apes on a planet called Genesis World, where they have lived under the thumb of the more advanced Nano Apes for generations. The Nano Apes strip-mine the Genesis Apes’ natural magic for fuel, and their culture has been eradicated. Then a secret warrior tribe arrives just in time to start an uprising.

Angry Ape Army is a high-octane sci-fi adventure full of twists and turns and heroes you love to love and villains you love to hate. It’s breathless, character-driven action in a world where the nearly forgotten ancient forces of magic are needed to ward off a seemingly unstoppable technological threat. Al Barrionuevo and I are thrilled to team up again to bring this story, world, and characters to life,” Wilson said.

Here’s an exclusive first look at the trailer:

And here’s the full description:

“If you can get control of yourself, I’m going to tell you something that will change your life. I’d better not be wrong.”

Long ago, before the war on Genesis World, a powerful energy called the Aura flowed through the roots and veins of every living thing, a source of magic for the peaceful Genesis Apes. That is, until a legion of technologically advanced Nano Apes took the planet by force, drawn to the Aura as a source of fuel for their own dying planet.

Now, the Nano Apes rule and the history of the Genesis Apes, robbed of their homes and their dignity, is snuffed out, living on only in whispered legends. There are tales of magic, and of mighty warriors called Valkyries who fought to protect it and their home with a powerful, wild weapon, even as they were hunted. But those are just bedtime stories told to children. Technology is supreme. Magic is forbidden.

As the Nano Apes tighten their grip and strip-mine the Aura, there’s a stirring in the ranks. Kambris, a low-level grunt, is about to discover there’s something special about him. With his friend Hatch and their reluctant ally, the Valkyrie Amaxa, Kambris embarks on a journey that begins with an accident but will engulf the planet in fiery revolution. Genesis has been beaten long enough; it’s time for an uprising.

cover by Montos

“A dystopian future, angry monkeys who rebel against oppression–cool! Angry Ape Army has all that and more! More spectacle, more action, more fantasy, and above all, a beautiful idea: the spiritual against the cold machine, nature against greed, good against evil,” Barrionuevo said.

Here’s a look at some of Barrionuevo’s interior artwork, which features coloring by DC Alonso and lettering by DC Hopkins.

“Al’s art is unreal. It’s incredibly expressive, rendering the apes with raw emotion, and giving each their own personality—not to mention his work on the jaw-rattling action scenes and the awe-inspiring ships and tech,” Wilson added.

Look for the first issue on Comixology, GlobalComix and Zestworld on May 24.

“Not only is Angry Ape Army a fantastic comic with gorgeous artwork, it’s also set in a world—the magical, natural Genesis planet—that’s so full of mystery, legend, and backstory you can’t wait to explore it all. Scott and Al take us on the beginning of that journey in Genesis Uprising and it’s a total blast; it’s a great way into the larger AAA universe and there’s much more to discover. And when our hero Amaxa steps in, the action kicks up a notch—she’s part of a long lost warrior tribe and following her story through each issue is a real adventure that feels like all the best summer blockbusters,” said Heather Einhorn, EEP Universe CEO.

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