Sunday Comics | Several Tapas series will come to print via Dark Horse

Plus webcomics by Reimena Yee, Kazu Kibuishi and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Dark Horse Comics and Tapas Entertainment have announced a new partnership that will see the longtime independent comics company bring the webcomics platform’s comics to print.

Much like their deal with Comxiology, Dark Horse will collect titles like Animalheads, Signals, The Flying Ship and Tomahawk Angel, with the first collections due out in October.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Alex R. Carr with Tapas Entertainment. “Seeing these creators and their stories in the Dark Horse pantheon is a dream come true for all involved.”

You can find out more details on the four titles in the press release from Dark Horse. And while you’re waiting for your print copies to arrive, here are a few more webcomics you can check out right now …

Seance Tea Party creator Reimena Yee posted this lovely comic on Twitter: The God of Arepo, which is “about a farmer who befriends a nothing god.” It’s based on an open-source short story that ran on Tumblr, and she’s also offering an ebook edition.

Corey Blake recently brought up Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, which was originally published by the now defunct Viper Comics. It was created by Kazu Kibuishi, who is known these days for his work on the Amulet graphic novels, and has the entire story posted on his website. He explains why he has chosen to keep the book out of print:

Daisy Kutter: The Last Train was reprinted for fans in 2012 as a graphic novel by Bolt City Productions. The book was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Despite interest from publishers, I have since decided to keep Daisy Kutter out of print in order to focus on Amulet. Daisy Kutter: The Last Train is the first part of a trilogy that I hope to complete one day. Seeing how difficult it is to find this book in stores or libraries, I present the entire 4-part story of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train as a webcomic.

Welcome to the Circus! is a new webcomic by Webtoon user Najsigt, aka Sara from Sweden, the creator of Going Home. It’s about two clowns — well, a clown and a mime — who work at a circus. There are only two comics up so far, but you can follow along on Tumblr to see when new ones pop up.

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