Iron Circus launches a crowdfunding campaign for Sage Coffey’s ‘Wine Ghost Goes to Hell’

The campaign runs on BackerKit through June 1.

Glamor, the supernatural and disaster will all collide in Wine Ghost Goes to Hell, the new project by Bugsnax story editor Sage Coffey.

Iron Circus Comics has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the graphic novel through BackerKit, their 38th crowdfunded project.

“Imagine if the magazine Hollywood Insider was a person,” said Coffey. “Now imagine that person is a dead alcoholic. That’s Wine Ghost! She is drama. She is fashion. She insists that wine counts as a fruit. And she may be her newly dead friend’s only hope of having a life after death.”

Here’s the description from Iron Circus:

When Wine Ghost was alive, she was an alcohol-soaked train wreck. Now that she’s dead… Well, not all that much has changed. When an old friend from her living days unexpectedly dies, Wine Ghost is faced with a lot more responsibility than she bargained for. She learned the ropes to hell a long time ago but it’s his first rodeo. And, boy, howdy, it’s a wild one. 

“Wine Ghost Goes to Hell is about the different stages of friendship, getting drunk and not knowing any better,” Coffey said. “It’s very much inspired by my experiences  and people I’ve known, although we’re all still alive. So far as I know, at least.”

Coffey has a fun, lively art style with some great character designs:

In addition the graphic novel, which is available as a PDF for $5 and $10 for a physical copy, the campaign is also offering vinyl figures of wine ghost:

…that also glows in the dark:

Head over to BackerKit for more information or to pledge. The campaign runs through June 1 and seeks to raise $10,000.

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