Can’t Wait for Comics | A ‘Super Massive’ crossover event

Check out new comics and graphic novels arriving this week by Al Ewing, Greg Pak, Minkyu Jung, Ann Nocenti, Sid Kotian, Gene Luen Yang, Chris Wisnia, Michelle Fus, Tiitu Takalo, Daniele Di Nicuolo and more.

Welcome to Can’t Wait for Comics, your guide to what comics are arriving in comic book stores, bookstores and on digital.

I’ve pulled out some of the highlights below, but for the complete list of everything you might find at your local comic shop and on digital this week, you’ll want to check out one or more of the following:

As a reminder, things can change and what you find on the above lists may differ from what’s actually arriving in your local shop. So always check with your comics retailer for the final word on availability.

Super Massive (Image, $5.99): Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Melissa Flores and Mat Groom, the architects behind the Massive-Verse collection of titles like Radiant Black and Rogue Sun, team up for a “one-shot crossover.” Drawn by Daniele Di Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte, the story features several of the Massive-Verse characters seeking the Holy Grail.

Fury #1 (Marvel, $5.99): Nick Fury has been around for 60 years in all his various incarnations, and in this one-shot Marvel pays tribute to all of them. The story is written by Al Ewing with art by Scott Eaton, Tom Reilly, Adam Kubert and Ramon Rosanas, who will each draw a different era featuring the super spy/Howling Commando.

City Boy #1 (DC, $3.99): The third We Are Legends title arrives in stores this week, bringing us the further adventures of City Boy, the character introduced during Lazarus Planet who has powers similar to Jack Hawksmoor from The Authority. Greg Pak, Minkyu Jung and Sunny Gho will tell a story and share a geography lesson about the DC Universe in this six-issue series.

Storm #1 (Marvel, $4.99): Ann Nocenti, one of the quintessential editors of Marvel’s X-Men titles back in the 1980s, returns to the characters, this time as a writer. She teams with artist Sid Kotian for this new miniseries featuring the mohawk sporting Storm, who had a bit more of an edge at that point in her life than she had before. In the miniseries, she’ll lead the X-Men against an all-new villain with elemental powers.

We Are Scarlet Twilight #1 (Red 5, $3.95): Benjamin Morse writes and draws this series about Captain Lancet, a Golden Age superhero who battles a “totalitarian vampire cult” that rules the world.

Daredevil & Echo #1 (Marvel, $4.99): Fresh off of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Black Eyed Peas member Taboo and co-writer B. Earl continue their tour of the dark side of the Marvel universe in Daredevil & Echo, which features an ancient evil that lives underneath New York City and the return of the Demogoblin.

The Books of Clash (First Second, $17.99): Gene Luen Yang, the award-winning creator you know from American Born Chinese, Shang-Chi, Dragon Hoops and more, turns his attention to Clash of Clans, the very popular mobile game. He’s joined by artists Alison Acton and Les McClaine for the first of eight volumes. Does it come with a Battle Pass?

Doris Danger: Giant Monsters Amok (Fantagraphics, $35): Chris Wisnia and Ricky Sprague’s comics that combine “off-beat humor with my love of comics and Jack Kirby, 1950’s horror films, The X-Files and Twilight Zone, Ray Harryhausen, tabloid pseudo-science, conspiracy theories, sci-fi robots, and at least two other things” arrive in a 224-page collection, along with pin-ups by Arthur Adams, Mike Allred, Mark Bode, Tim Bradstreet, Jeffrey Brown, Sal Buscema, Geof Darrow, Colleen Doran and more.

Ava’s Demon (Image, $17.99): The popular multimedia webcomic by Michelle Fus comes to Image Comics, featuring a teenage girl who has to deal with the demon that haunts her, a trip into space and the perils of high school.

DC Pride: The New Generation (DC, $19.99): In this hardcover, DC collects several of their Pride-themed releases from last year, including the entirety of their 2022 special and several comics that composed Tim Drake’s “coming out” story.

Memento Mori (Oni Press, $24.99): Finnish cartoonist Tiitu Takalo chronicles her unexpected cerebral hemorrhage and the long road to recovery she had to travel in this graphic novel.

Girl Juice (Drawn and Quarterly, $24.95): Benji Nate ventures into the Girl Juice House, home to four “stylish and rambunctious” young women and their hijinks to make rent, go camping and even attend an adult prom.

Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree (Yen Press, $13): Oh hey, courtesy of FromSoftware and Nikiichi Tobita comes an Elden Ring manga! “Follow Aseo the Tarnished as he struggles his way through the Lands Between. What he lacks in strength, speed, intelligence, charisma, skill, experience, intuition, and common sense, he makes up for in…uhhh…” Hey, this sounds like my character build …

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