Mark Russell + Ramon Rosanas invite you to their ‘Rumpus Room’

AWA presents a new parable about billionaires, skin cream and revenge.

Second Coming and Not All Robots writer Mark Russell is back at AWA Studios this fall for a new miniseries, Rumpus Room, with artist Ramon Rosanas.

Rumps Room tells the story of a psychotic billionaire who needs a special cream to hide his skin condition. That cream is made from people, so naturally he kidnaps all the people he hates and locks them in his Rumpus Room, letting them vote for his next victim.

Rumpus Room is a parable for how in American civilization, on some level, we’re set against each other by forces that are too powerful for us to reach,” Russell said. “It parallels the underlying assumption of American life as well: ‘I can’t do anything about the real things that are destroying me, so I’ll take all my rage out against the people who cross me. Rumpus Room is about this misguided anger that we all have and how it weaponizes us against each other.”

cover by Tony Harris

Here are the details from AWA:

In Rumpus Room, a new-agey technocrat billionaire named Bob Schrunk keeps an assortment of people who’ve offended him in some way imprisoned in his subterranean “rumpus room.” Every week, his prisoners must vote out one cellmate to a horrible fate: their bodies ground up to make the not-over-the-counter facial cream that hides Bob’s morbid skin condition. Bob is in total control, but there’s just one thing he doesn’t know: his most recent “guest” is a cop, and she’s carrying a concealed gun.

Here’s a look inside:

And here’s a look at the first issue’s variant cover by Mike and Laura Allred:

And each issue will feature a “child-like art variant cover” by Russell:

Look for the first issue of five on Sept. 20.

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