Flash Gordon will soar again at Mad Cave

The publisher plans both new and reprint titles, which will kick off next year.

Mad Cave Studios and King Features have announced plans for Mad Cave to publish new Flash Gordon comics, along with reprints of older material and graphic novels.

In addition Papercutz, the middle-grade imprint owned by Mad Cave, will publish new Flash Gordon comics aimed at that younger audience.

“As one of the first action heroes Flash Gordon has always been powerhouse in the comics universe,’ said Christina Nix Lynch, King Features’ licensing director. “We’re delighted to have a partner like Mad Cave Studios on board who are true Flash fans as well as publishing experts. This program will bring a long-awaited, regular stream of new and legacy content to generations of readers.”

While no details on what exactly Mad Cave plans to publish were revealed, they did say to expect the line to launch in 2024.

Flash Gordon first debuted in a King Features comic strip in 1934, as a competitor to the already-established Buck Rogers comic strip. Created by Alex Raymond, the strip quickly became popular and expanded into merchandise, film serials, radio, novels, TV, animation and eventually into a feature film in the 1980s. The strip ran as a daily comic until the 1990s, and as a Sunday strip until 2003. Contributors to it over the years include Harvey Kurtzman, Gray Morrow, Dan Barry, Bruce Jones and Austin Briggs, among others. The license for comic books based on the comic strip have been held by everyone from Dell to Gold Key to Harvey to Marvel and DC, and more recently by Ardden Entertainment and Dynamite. You can see the influence of the strip on everyone from Hawkman to Star-Lord.

“From the incredible art of Alex Raymond to the adventures of the Defenders of the Earth, and on to the cult classic Sam Jones-led film, Flash Gordon is an integral part of both the history of comics and the actual DNA of storytelling. Mad Cave and King Features are not only happy to be working together to bring Flash to our readers but also to grow the Flash Gordon legacy,” said Mark Irwin, Mad Cave SVP.

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