She-Hulk is ‘Sensational’ again beginning in October

Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will reboot the adventures of Jennifer Walters with a new first issue.

Marvel will relaunch She-Hulk in October as Sensational She-Hulk. Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will continue to tell Jennifer Walters’ adventures in the new series.

Rowell said the title is, of course, an ode to the original Sensational She-Hulk title from the 1980s/1990s.

“That word makes me think of the original Sensational She-Hulk from artist/writer John Byrne,” Rowell told “It’s a vibe, really: gorgeous art, gorgeous Jen, jokes, a feeling that anything can happen, and a focus on a Jen as a person, a woman. We were definitely inspired by that run in our previous issues, and we’re leaning in even more with the new book. I want it to feel really smooth and buoyant, an ongoing celebration of Jen as a character.”

Based on the interview, it sounds we’ll continue to see many of the supporting characters and themes we saw in the first series, which will end with issue #15 in September. So expect more Patsy Walker, Jack of Hearts and of course Punch Club — her fight club that includes Titania, the Thing and Volcana, among others.

“The Club is a huge part of the finale in #15, and then my favorite part of Sensational She-Hulk #1 is Jen trying to introduce Jack to Punch Club,” Rowell said.

Sensational She-Hulk #18 will arrive in stores Oct. 18, with a cover by Jen Bartel.

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