Rainbow Rowell makes her DC debut this summer on a Lois Lane story

Rowell will team with artist Cian Tormey for a ‘love story that is also a newsroom story.’

Novelist and Sensational She-Hulk writer Rainbow Rowell will make her DC Comics debut this summer on a Lois Lane back-up story appearing in Action Comics #1067-1069.

The story, drawn by Cian Tormey, is both a love story and a newsroom story.

“As a former newspaper reporter, I’ve always had a soft spot for Daily Planet stories,” Rowell said. “I love that Clark Kent is Superman and also a working journalist—and that it isn’t just dusty backstory. It’s a real facet of his character. I love that Clark met Lois in the newsroom, and that they still work there together. (This is so realistic, I swear.) I really like it when comic book romances last…There’s a lot of story to tell after two people say yes to each other. So—even though I was a little nervous about diving into the DC Universe—I couldn’t resist the chance to write a love story that is also a newsroom story, and still a superhero story.”

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She-Hulk is ‘Sensational’ again beginning in October

Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will reboot the adventures of Jennifer Walters with a new first issue.

Marvel will relaunch She-Hulk in October as Sensational She-Hulk. Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet will continue to tell Jennifer Walters’ adventures in the new series.

Rowell said the title is, of course, an ode to the original Sensational She-Hulk title from the 1980s/1990s.

“That word makes me think of the original Sensational She-Hulk from artist/writer John Byrne,” Rowell told Marvel.com. “It’s a vibe, really: gorgeous art, gorgeous Jen, jokes, a feeling that anything can happen, and a focus on a Jen as a person, a woman. We were definitely inspired by that run in our previous issues, and we’re leaning in even more with the new book. I want it to feel really smooth and buoyant, an ongoing celebration of Jen as a character.”

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‘She-Hulk’ celebrates 175 issues in April

Rainbow Rowell, Andrés Genolet and more will celebrate with a double-sized milestone issue.

Add up all those issues of She-Hulk and you’ll get to 175 with issue #12 of the latest series, which arrives in April. Writer Rainbow Rowell and artist Andrés Genolet, who worked together on Runaways, will reunite to celebrate the milestone.

The doubled-sized issue that will introduce a new villain, The Scoundrel, into Jennifer Walters’ already complicated life.

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‘Amazing Fantasy’ #1000 celebrates 60 years of Spidey

Neil Gaiman, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Ho Che Anderson, Rainbow Rowell and more contribute stories to the anthology one-shot.

For the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, Marvel will return him to his roots with a new issue of Amazing Fantasy featuring stories by Neil Gaiman, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Jim Cheung, Olivier Coipel and more.

Amazing Fantasy #1000, which takes its name from the comic where Spider-Man first debuted, Amazing Fantasy #15, will be a giant-sized anthology one-shot. The stories will “explores the past and future of Amazing Spider-Man storytelling in tales that leave a profound impact on the Spider-Man mythos and showcase why Spidey is one of the most beloved heroes in history,” according to Marvel.com.

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She-Hulk will put her ‘rage-filled days behind her’ in new series

Rainbow Rowell and Rogê Antônio bring the Jade Giant back to her legal practice in a new series this January.

Marvel’s upcoming She-Hulk title by Rainbow Rowell and Rogê Antônio will see the return of the Jennifer Walters we know and love, as she returns to practicing law and defending the innocent. But Marvel still promises a shocker at the end of the first issue that will “send Jen down a road she’s never traveled, one that will shake up her life and possibly the whole Marvel Universe.”

Marvel announced that Bruce Banner’s cousin would get her own title back in September, along with seven other “tentpole” titles set to debut this winter. Given the character will soon debut on Disney+, it makes sense she would return to her own title.

“She-Hulk is the best of the best,” Rowell told Marvel.com. “She’s smart, she’s funny—and she’s really and truly heroic (all that and she has the best hair in comics). Jen has always been at the top of my Marvel wishlist, and I’m thrilled to be writing her next chapter.”

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Marvel announces eight new ‘tentpole’ titles for this coming winter

Daredevil, Fantastic Four, She-Hulk and more have new projects lined up at the House of Ideas.

Marvel revealed today eight new titles for the coming winter that they’re referring to as “tentpole” titles — or titles that “will shape the future of the Marvel Universe in the months to come.”

Marvel announced earlier this month plans to reveal several new projects today in celebration of their birthday — so, Happy Birthday, Marvel!

The projects range from event titles to new ones featuring some characters you’ll soon see on Disney+.

Here’s the lowdown on the eight titles:

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‘Runaways’ celebrates 100 issues in August

Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Adrian Alphona and Andrés Genolet will contribute to the giant-sized milestone issue.

Through its many iterations, from its original run by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona to the current one by Rainbow Rowell and Andrés Genolet, Runaways had made it to 100 issues, and Marvel plans to celebrate that milestone in August.

Issue #38 will be a giant-sized issue, as Rowell will work with three artists — Genolet, Alphona and Kris Anka. While they didn’t reveal any story details, Marvel did share the cover by Anka:

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Rainbow Rowell to write ‘Runaways’

Critically acclaimed young adult author tackles Marvel’s teen heroes with villainous parents.

Young adult and contemporary fiction writer Rainbow Rowell dropped a big hint on Twitter earlier this week something was on the horizon, and she was excited about it:

At the annual BookCon festival held in New York, Rainbow Rowell announced her writing duties on the new ongoing series Runaways, with Kris Anka as the illustrator.

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