Marvel announces ‘Deadpool: Seven Slaughters’ one-shot anthology

Plus more news from San Diego on new Marvel work by Greg Capullo and Rob Liefeld.

In San Diego this week, Marvel announced an upcoming one-shot featuring the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool: Seven Slaughters will feature seven stories by seven different creative teams — and a cover by Greg Capullo, who will do his first work for Marvel in decades.

The anthology will include a story written and drawn by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, with additional stories by Cullen Bunn, Cody Ziglar, Marc Guggenheim, Justina Ireland, Gail Simone, Greg Land, Whilce Portacio, David Baldeón, Phillip Sevy and more.

Here’s a look at Capullo’s cover:

Here are more details from

Marvel Comics is proud to welcome Capullo back into the fold with his glorious and action-packed cover for a special one-shot this November, DEADPOOL: SEVEN SLAUGHTERS #1! Witness seven kills in seven days as fan-favorite Deadpool creators past and future, including co-creator Rob Liefeld, Gail Simone, Cullen Bunn and more, invite readers to a week in the life of Wade Wilson, the best mercenary Marvel’s ever had (just ask him)! From facing off with an all-new rival killer to top secret assassinations to Multiverse shenanigans, Deadpool will take on one thrilling mission after the next!

The one-shot is expected to arrive in stores Nov. 15.

Deadpool: Seven Slaughters isn’t the only Marvel work to expect from Capullo and Liefeld. Capullo is also drawing several more covers for the publisher, including this variant cover to Wolverine #37:

According to a report on ICv2, Marvel is working to put Capullo on a project for next year.

Liefeld, meanwhile, has two upcoming projects for 2024 that Marvel teased, one involving Major X:

and one involving Cable and the original X-Men:

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