MoCCA reveals its Awards of Excellence winners for 2024

Rebecca Mock, Sofia Warren, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Mark Doox and more took home prizes from the annual festival.

This past weekend the Society of Illustrators held the annual MoCCA Fest in New York, one of the largest independent comic festivals in the United States. As part of the festival, SI gave out its annual Awards of Excellence, a “best in show” award given to a selection of books available at the festival.

Winners received a ribbon, a $100 financial prize and a pen tablet provided by the event’s sponsor, Xencelabs.

This year they gave out 15 awards to attending publishers and creators, as revealed on their Instagram. Winners included:

The N Word of God by Mark Doox, published by Fantagraphics

Love and Rockets #14 by Gilbert Hernandez and Jaime Hernandez, published by Fantagraphics

Hypericum by Manuele Fior, published by Fantagraphics

How War Begins: Dispatches from the Ukrainian Invasion by Igort, published by Fantagraphics

I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together: A Memoir by Maurice Vellekoop, published by Penguin Random House

The Chromatic Fantasy by HA, published by Silver Sprocket

Centralia by Miel Vanderpitte, published by Living the Line

Harlem by Mikael, published by NBM

Pocket Guide to Korean Street Food mini zine by Hyesu Lee

Poster Set by Samantha Aleja

Queenie: The Godmother of Harlem by Aurelie Levy and Elizabeth Colomba, published by Abrams

“Space Girl Statue” by Andy Chauca

Die Horny by Rebecca Mock

Lisa Cheese and Ghost Guitar (Book 1): Attack of the Snack by Kevin Alvir, published by Top Shelf

Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator by Sofia Warren, published by Top Shelf

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