Jim Rugg ends working relationship with Ed Piskor

The announcement follows recent allegations of misconduct against Piskor.

Jim Rugg has shared he has ended his professional relationship with Ed Piskor, who was accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple women this past week.

“In light of this past week’s shocking revelations, I find it necessary to reevaluate my professional associations to ensure they align with my values of respect and integrity,” Rugg wrote on Instagram. “Therefore, I have ended my working relationship with Ed Piskor.”

Rugg and Piskor cohosted Cartoonist Kayfabe, the popular YouTube program where they interviewed creators, explored comics history and shared insights on comic art. The channel has been active for about four years. Rugg also created several variant covers for Piskor’s comic Red Room, which was published by Fantagraphics. The publisher has stated they have no future projects in the works with Piskor.

4 thoughts on “Jim Rugg ends working relationship with Ed Piskor”

  1. While I can appreciate Ed’s enthusiasm for comics, Ed honestly was an embarrassment to the comic community, prior to these allegations. Constant cussing, not even reading many of the comics they looked through, constant digression into some personal experience to boost Ed’s ego, and of course putting his ignorance on display by creating his own fantasy history regarding comics/events he doesn’t understand. Maybe too much kayfabe, not enough insight.

    I hope Jim can team up with Scioli for some future total recall shows.

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