Slugfest | BOOM! celebrates 25 years of ‘Farscape’

Plus: ‘Life,’ ‘Remote Space,’ Fantagraphics’ fall schedule, Minecraft, Dog Man and more.

Slugfest is a roundup of cool announcements about projects coming to a shelf near you. Hit the links for more information.

Farscape, the Australian-American science fiction television series created by Rockne O’Bannon and the Jim Henson Company that ran on SciFi, will return to comics in August courtesy of BOOM! Studios, who published the previous Farscape series.

The 25th anniversary special one-shot will be the first Farscape comic published since 2010, and it’ll feature stories by  Keith R.A. DeCandido, who wrote many of BOOM!’s previous Farscape comics, along with Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly, Sarah Gailey, Sina Grace and more.

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Chip Zdarsky sets up at DSTLRY for a four-book deal

The first miniseries, ‘Time Waits,’ is co-written by David Brothers and features artwork by Marcus To.

Over the past several months we’ve seen DSTLRY roll out miniseries after miniseries from their founding creators, all spinning out of their first anthology, The Devil’s Cut. But with their announcements for August, we’re starting to see them branch out from that list, starting with The Missionary by Ryan Stegman and Jason Howard, and now Time Waits by co-writers Chip Zdarsky and David Brothers, artists Marcus To and Matt Wilson, and letterer Ariana Maher.

TBH I was surprised that Zdarsky was not on the list of DSTLRY’s founding creators, back when they rolled out the new company. Zdarsky worked with founders Chip Mosher and David Steinberger during their time at Comixology, even garnering an Eisner Award for Afterlift, his comic with artist Jason Loo. But this week’s announcement shares that he has a four-book deal with them at DSTLRY.

“I’m really excited to work with the DSTLRY crew again, who helped usher in Afterlift and The All-Nighter over at Comixology,” Zdarsky said in his newsletter. “So excited in fact that this is just the first of FOUR PROJECTS that I’m doing with them! I’ve got an incredible lineup of creators working with me on everything and can’t wait for all of it to be out in the world.”

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Ryan Stegman + Jason Howard raise some hell at DSTLRY with ‘The Missionary’

The three-issue series begins in September.

Ryan Stegman’s summer is heating up — in addition to drawing a brand-new X-Men title that’s coming this summer, he’s also writing The Missionary, a new series from DSTLRY featuring artwork by Jason Howard.

The three-issue series is about a down-on-his-luck religious man who decides to accept possession instead of resisting it — forming an unconventional partnership with the demon he’s now sharing a body with.

“Jason and I are having a hell of a time grappling with eternal questions of ethics and spirituality, but we’re also making The Missionary as exciting as possible,” Stegman said. “Jason is doing the work of his career, and I can’t wait for you to see these tortured souls on their missions of damnation.”

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DSTLRY launches their digital marketplace

Digital comics bought from the company can now be sold to other collectors, with creators getting a stake of each sale.

When DSTLRY co-founders David Steinberger and Chip Mosher first announced the new publisher, there were three key points that seemed to set them apart from most other comics publishers — a different approach to ownership, where their “founding creators” would have a stake in the company; larger-sized editions that were more akin to the comics you find in France than you would normally see here in the U.S.; and a company-run digital marketplace, where you could buy and sell the digital editions of their comics.

It’s taken them a good year to bring that third point to life, but today DSTLRY launched their digital marketplace. If you’ve bought any of their digital comics in the past, which have only been available for a limited time, then you can now list them on the marketplace and sell them. The new owner receives access to the digital comic, along with the other benefits that DSTLRY offers, like early or exclusive sales of other digital comics, access to web streams (like they did recently with Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay) and more. According to DSTLRY, creators will receive a royalty from each resale.

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DSTLRY announces ‘The Big Burn’ by Joe Henderson + Lee Garbett

The new series begins in July.

Hell is a casino in the new series The Big Burn, coming this summer from DSTLRY. And what better place for a couple of condemned thieves to try and break into, to steal their souls back?

Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett, who worked together on Skyward and Shadecraft at Image Comics, will bring this new vision of the underworld to life.

“Creating these worlds with Lee is always an absolute dream, and I’m excited to introduce readers to our unique and deeply twisted take on Hell this summer,” Henderson said. “While The Big Burn features a darker tone than our previous work, the emotional journey of our star-crossed thieves Owen and Carlie maintains the same heartfelt storytelling we’re known for. It’s exciting for us to challenge ourselves with this book, and I always love a good heist.”

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DSTLRY announces Jamie McKelvie’s ‘One for Sorrow’

The gothic thriller will launch from the fledgling publisher in June.

DSTLRY has announced another new series from one of their founding creators, Jamie McKelvie, which will arrive in June. One for Sorrow, which he will write and draw, is described as a “gothic suspense thriller” about a turn-of-the-century serial killer called the Magpie.

“DSTLRY has given me the perfect environment to create One for Sorrow,” McKelvie said. “This series is an opportunity to not only explore themes of darkness and redemption, but also to challenge myself artistically as the sole creator on this project.”

McKelvie has created two different covers for the first issue:

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DSTLRY + Kodansha announce cover artist exchange partnership

DSTLRY titles will feature variant covers by Kodansha artists, starting with a Shūzō Oshimi cover for ‘Somna’ #3.

DSTLRY has announced a new cover artist exchange program with manga publisher Kodansha, starting with a variant cover for Somna #3 by Shūzō Oshimi.

DSTLRY, the new comics company formed by former Comixology execs David Steinberger and Chip Mosher, began releasing comics last August with The Devil’s Cut, which was followed by print editions of Gone by Jock and Somna by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay. The company has gone all in on variant covers, offering them through retail channels, their own website and on the limited-edition digital comics they started releasing late last year.

“I was drawn to the story of Somna where dreams and reality intermingle, and the way it’s expressed through different artistic styles,” Oshimi said. “Drawing the variant cover was fun!”

According to the press release, this variant cover by Oshimi will be the first of many by Kodansha artists:

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DSTLRY announces three more titles that will debut next spring

Titles by Scott Snyder, Francesco Francavilla, James Tynion IV, Christian Ward, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso will arrive next year.

DSTLRY has announced three more titles that spin out of its recent anthology The Devil’s Cut, all of which will debut next spring.

The titles include White Boat by Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla, Spectregraph by James Tynion IV and Christian Ward, and The Blood Brothers Mother by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

DSTLRY, the new comics company formed by former Comixology execs David Steinberger and Chip Mosher, released The Devil’s Cut in print back in August and a digital edition a couple of weeks ago. They’ve also released print editions of Gone by Jock and Somna by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay, which were followed this month by limited-edition digital releases (The digital Somna #1 should go on sale on the DSTLRY site this week). Blasfamous by Mirka Andolfo was announced to come out this week.

With these three announcements, that leaves two more titles that were featured in The Devil’s Cut that you can expect to see in the future — one by Elsa Charretier and another by Marc Bernardin and Ariela Kristantina.

Here’s more info on the three titles:

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For today only, get DSTLRY’s ‘The Devil’s Cut’ on digital for $1

The new comic company launches their first limited digital comic.

DSTLRY, the comics company founded by former Comixology guys David Steinberger and Chip Mosher, has released their first digital comic — an online version of The Devil’s Cut, the anthology title that kicked off their line this past summer. And if you buy it today, it’s only $1, so head on over to their website before the price goes up at midnight.

Update: The price has now increased to $6.66.

You might recall from their initial announcement/unveiling of their company that DSTLRY plans to have “limited digital releases,” selling them directly through their website rather than through a service like Comixology. They plan to somehow make the digital releases “collectible and resellable” at the same time, through some sort of online marketplace. If this all sounds very NFT-ish, well, they say it’s not, but that marketplace apparently isn’t ready quite yet, as noted in their launch message on their site:

Remember, these pioneering single-issue releases won’t be available again digitally until our Marketplace launches in early 2024—and then only if owners decide to sell! Seize this unique opportunity to be part of DSTLRY’s evolving story from the outset. Our digital collections will be available when they launch with no immediate end-of-sale date. 

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DSTLRY announces horror-comedy ‘Blasfamous’ by Mirka Andolfo

The insidious new series will debut in December.

Fans of Mirka Andolfo’s “A Blessed Day” from The Devil’s Cut will be happy to know that DSTLRY has announced Blasfamous, a new title spinning out of that short story.

Andolfo, whose known for her work on Sweet Paprika, Mercy and Unnatural, will explore the worlds of fame and pop stars, with that horror/comedy twist she’s become known for.

“With each of my series I love conjuring new fictions of fantasy and wonder wrapped around some of the hottest sociological issues we face in reality,” Andolfo said. “Blasfamous picks apart what it means to worship—whether it’s a prophet or popstar. It’s also a new opportunity to draw some of the most lavish and exhilarating spectacles of my career, with an oversized canvas to make every page truly sing.” 

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DSTLRY announces an ‘erotic folk-horror comic series’ from Tula Lotay + Becky Cloonan

‘Somna’ will launch in November.

With The Devil’s Cut arriving in (brick and mortar) stores this week, DSTLRY has announced a second title that will spin out of the anthology — Somna by Tula Lotay and Becky Cloonan.

The project will feature both creators as writers and artists, and DSTLRY says it’s been a decade in the making. It spins out of their 11-page story “What Blighted Flame Burns in Thee?” from The Devil’s Cut anthology and is an “eerie exploration of puritanical oppression and forbidden passion presented in oversized, 48-page perfect bound issues.”

Somna culminates from a decade plus reveling in the darkest mythologies of history,” Cloonan said in a statement. “Being able to explore these lifetime obsessions alongside one of my favorite creators has made this a career-defining project.”

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DSTLRY’s first series will be ‘Gone’ by Jock

The new series begins in October.

DSTLRY, the fledgling comics company with a different ownership model and digital comics strategy, have announced their first planned series following the release of The Devil’s Cut Gone by Batman: One Dark Knight‘s Jock.

Gone is described as “an action-packed sci-fi adventure featuring oversized, 48-page perfect bound issues,” which Jock will write, draw and color.

Gone is a labor of love with which I have the rare opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of the story as both writer and artist,” Jock said. “I’m grateful to DSTLRY for their unwavering support and for providing a platform where creators can push the boundaries of their craft. I can’t wait to share this journey and the world of Gone with everyone this fall.”

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