Huizenga, Harkham and more contribute to New York Times Magazine’s all-comics issue

Tillie Walden, Francesco Francavilla, David Mazzuchelli, Tom Gauld help turn New York news stories into compelling comics.

The New York Times Magazine has posted their very first all-comics issue, which features cartoonists turning stories that came through the NYT Metro desk into comic strips.

Tom Gauld, Sammy Harkham, Tillie Walden, Francesco Francavilla, David Mazzuchelli and several others contributed strips, while Kevin Huizenga provided the introductory strip that explains the concept. You can view all the strips by going here.

The strips themselves run the gambit in terms of subject matter; Bill Bragg created a wordless comic based on a profile of the city’s “window sitters” by Andy Newman and Cassi Feldman, while K.L. Ricks tells the story of how technology helped a short-term renter keep tabs on a potential scam artist/thief who rented his apartment. Gauld, meanwhile, teamed with Andy Newman on the Metro desk to tell an original story for the publication.

Other contributors include Robert G. Fresson, Wesley Allsbrook, Bianca Bagnarelli and Andrew Rae.

Head over there when you get a chance; in addition to the strips, you’ll also find links to the stories they are based on — which make for compelling reading as well.

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