Fund Me Friday | ‘The Trap,’ ‘Foundlings’ and Christmas with Karl Kesel

Check out crowdfunding campaigns featuring John Stanisci, Emma Kubert, Kyle Higgins, Lance Briggs, Danilo Beyruth, Liana Kangas, Scott Bryan Wilson, Ross Radke and more.

Crowdfunding continues to serve as a viable method for creators to fund their creative endeavors, as comic-related projects flourish on sites like Kickstarter, Patreon and IndieGoGo. The internet also allows creators to sell their creations direct to fans, through sites like Gumroad, Big Cartel and of course their own websites. If you’re looking to buy something from or support a creator directly, you’ve come to the right place. And that’s a good thing to do, now more than ever.

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Creators involved: John Stanisci, Emma Kubert
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Nov. 12

What to know: Foundlings is a new series by comics veteran John Stanisci and Inkblots artist Emma Kubert, about a group of kids who come together afetr they’re abandoned by their families … then go on to try and save the world from a pandemic apocalypse.

Years in the future, a virus has been weaponized by a Russian government hell-bent on destroying America from within. This deadly new strain has been perfected to kill within 24 hours of contact, and only small groups of children carry an immunity to the effects. They are the Foundlings; a diverse group of children under the age of 16, who alone carry the hope for a possible cure, and a solution to extinction.

What’s the deal? $5 gets you the first issue in a digital format, while $10 gets you a print copy.


Creators involved: Mark Bouchard, Bill Underwood, Micah Myers, Jasmine Walls, Jillian Crab
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Oct. 28

What to know: It Took Luke is an 80-page horror graphic novel, combined with a bit of modern fantasy. It’s about a team of exterminators in the year 2028 who hunts dragons, bugbears and other assorted D&D creatures. When one of their number is taken by a shapeshifter, their latest job turns into a rescue mission.

IT TOOK LUKE is an existential take on monster-driven hack & slash horror comics that explores crunch culture (overwork, emotional exhaustion, etc) and its casualties: individual well-being and interpersonal relationships. Tonally, IT TOOK LUKE takes inspiration from THE THING and HELLBOY— sowing a deep distrust of one’s surroundings, allies, and senses amidst slow-burn pacing peppered with kinetic action sequences to drive the following points home: 1. In this world, it is easy to feel like you are alone. 2. The things that the world takes from you are the hardest to get back.

What’s the deal? $10 will get you a digital copy, while a physical copy will cost you $20. Other tiers offer retailer copies, original art and the chance to be drawn into the book … as a dead body.


Creators involved: Lance Briggs, Kyle Higgins, Danilo Beyruth, Tamra Bonvillain, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Oct. 29

What to know: The Trap is a 120-page science fiction graphic novel by Higgins, writer of Nightwing, C.O.W.L., Ultraman and more, and Briggs, who used to play for the Chicago Bears. It’s drawn by Beyruth, who has worked on Ghost Rider and Man Without Fear for Marvel, with colors by the awesome Bonvillain. The story’s about a rising sports star in the future who accidentally kills a senator in an attempt to steal the senator’s spaceship.

THE TRAP is a fast paced epic about making mistakes and the need for second chances, set in a world where hard work and talent is anything but a guarantee for success.

What’s the deal? $10 gets you a digital copy, while a hardcover copy will cost you $40. Other tiers offer prints, bookplates and autographed merch from Briggs.


Creators involved: Ross Radke
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Oct. 31

What to know: This is the second issue of a planned four by Radke, who funded the first issue earlier this year. It’s a kaiju comic anthology series, and the first issue can either be added as a reward or downloaded directly from Gumroad. Each issue runs 44 pages, with two stories plus pin-ups and other back matter. One of the stories in this issue features art by Hugo Feal-Permuy, while the other is drawn by Guy Pradel. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou provides the lettering for both.

Stomped #2 art by Hugo Feal-Permuy

What’s the deal? $4 will get you a digital copy of the new issue, while a print copy will cost you $7. You can get both issues digitally for $7. Other tiers offer original art, sketches and more.

Holiday PANIC!

Creators involved: Karl Kesel
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Nov. 3

What to know: Most comic fans probably know Karl Kesel for the decades of inking and writing he’s done for Marvel, DC and other publishers, but along the way he’s also created a number of his own comics under the Panic Button Press banner. And many of those have had a Christmas theme — which he’s collecting into this 64-page volume.

Here’s a rundown of what’s included:

Kesel says all the stories are done, and he plans to have this book out in time for Christmas.

What’s the deal? Get the joy of the holidays in a digital format for just $5, while a print copy will come down your chimney for just $20. Other tiers offer variant covers by some of his collaborators.


Creators involved: Scott Bryan Wilson, Liana Kangas, Gab Contreras, DC Hopkins
Platform: Kickstarter
Deadline: Oct. 31

What to know: Trve Kvlt is a planned four-issue “heavy metal fast food comic.” This campaign will fund printing the first issue, but also offers a digital subscription to all four issues (about 100 pages of comics, once done). It sounds pretty crazy and fun, based on the description:

Marty is stuck at his dead-end job at Burger Lord and the last 15 years have passed him by. What happens when he accidentally steals a supernatural weapon from an insane cult full of violent lunatics, led by a monster in human form? Will his manager and best friend Bernice roll her eyes and fire him? Will hopeful employee Alison get roped into Marty’s unholy troubles? Will cashier Sonja just make out with her boyfriend Rat Blood in the parking lot and miss all the excitement?

What’s the deal? $10 gets you a digital copy of the first issue, while $15 will get you all four issues as they become available. A print copy of issue #1 will cost $25, and comes with the digital subscription as well. Other tiers offer postcards, stickers, T-shirts and more.

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