NYCC: Marvel’s 2023 events include Summer of Symbiotes, Fall of X

And what’s this about the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Sins of Sinister, the X-Men-centered event Marvel announced during their Next Big Thing panel today, isn’t the only 2023 event the publisher revealed to attendees. In a page from those MCU “big reveal” panels where they’ll put up a graphic showing all the movies and Disney+ shows on the docket, Marvel Comics had a graphic of their own at NYCC, outlining a few events we already knew about and a few new ones coming next summer.

Here’s a rundown of what we know and what we learned …

  • Avengers Assemble is scheduled to begin next month. This one was revealed in San Diego, and it’s basically a crossover featuring all of the Avengers that Jason Aaron has been writing about for the past few years (plus Mephisto, of course). It’s also Aaron’s swan song on the title.
  • Dark Web kicks off officially in December, and it will feature the now evil Ben Reilly, aka Chasm, teaming up with the Goblyn Queen to make life miserable for Spider-Man, the X-Men and Venom. It will also run through those respective titles (and introduce some new ones, like Gold Goblin and Hallow’s Eve).
  • More details on Sins of Sinister, which Marvel has been teasing for awhile, were revealed at New York Comic Con today.
  • Captain America: Cold War was also teased earlier this year, but mostly we’ve just been hearing about the lead-up and not a lot about the event itself. Marvel had a panel this weekend at NYCC, but it still feels like there’s more to come on this one. It’s a crossover between the two Captain America titles, and Marvel says it is “a culmination of various plot threads in this acclaimed new era.”
  • Summer of Symbiotes is a new one, and if you’re like us, you might be thinking, “Hey, didn’t they just do a symbiote crossover?” As someone pointed out to me, this just shows that Venom/Carnage are popular enough now that they can support their own crossover every year. The only thing Marvel has said about this one is: Sun’s out, tongue’s out! Spinning out of titles like VENOM, CARNAGE, and RED GOBLIN comes a slew of new symbiotic stories. Get ready for the return of old faces, the debut of new symbiote heroes, and exciting shifts for iconic symbiote stars. It’s a season of symbiote insanity! Yeah, so I guess the Red Goblin will be back, and starring in his own title at some point.
  • And finally — although not really, because we know there will another one of these timeline graphics released before the fall of next year — we have Fall of X. “The X-Men hoped Krakoa would last forever. Time to find out if they were right.” We know that at one point Jonathan Hickman, the original architect of the Krakoa era, had two more chapters planned in his bigger X-Men storyline, but he backed away from the second part when he realized the creators making Krakoa-focused comics were having such a great time. That suggested Krakoa would somehow go away … could that plan be back on? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In addition to this fancy timeline and the big Sins of Sinister announcement, Marvel had another thing to tease at the panel:

Yep, it looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy will be making a comeback next year. No further details or creative teams were announced.

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