Douek + Cormack hit the throttle on ‘Drive Like Hell’ at Dark Horse

The new miniseries kicks into overdrive in October.

Rich Douek and Alex Cormack, who powered through Sea of Sorrows, Breath of Shadows and Road of Bones at IDW, are taking a different road with their next project. Dark Horse Comics will publish Drive Like Hell, a new four-issue miniseries from the duo, beginning in October.

Letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou rounds out the creative team. Dark Horse describes it as a “fast-paced action-adventure that goes full throttle into hellscape horror,” as a pair of thieves’ escape plan from the perfect heist involves getting away in a car owned by the devil.

“When I started writing Drive Like Hell, I had one rule,” Douek said. “If I had an idea that seemed too crazy, too extreme, or too outrageous, I had to go ahead and do it. The result is a story that I hope is as fun to read as it was to write.”

The devil’s in the details of this one:

Bobby Ray and Dahlia planned the perfect heist, and even stole the perfect getaway car. The big problem?  That car happens to belong to the devil himself, and he wants it back. When the job goes wrong, and Dahlia ends up with a bullet in her head, Bobby Ray finds himself plunged into a supernatural road war with demonic cops, satanic biker gangs, and a whole host of madcap characters, all of whom are after the prize in the car’s trunk. If he wants to stay one step ahead of the chaos, he’s gonna have to Drive Like Hell.

This sounds like an instance where you really want to call shotgun.

“Drawing a car chase, something that depends so much on movement was something I always wanted to try out in comics,” Cormack said. “Growing up watching the Blues Brothers and French Connection, hell I even made an animation in college that was a smash em up car chase called Burnout, I’ve always loved car chases. So when Rich mentioned the idea for Drive Like Hell I was immediately on board. I can’t wait for people to see this!”

Look for the first issue on Oct. 25.

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